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3 Types of Traffic Violations in Virginia You Should Know About

Across the United States, there are nearly 200 million licensed drivers. Among them, 41 million receive citations for traffic violations each year. Just because traffic violations are common, however, doesn’t mean they’re not serious. If you’re convicted, you can face fines, loss of your license and even spend time in jail — all of which can seriously disrupt your life.

Whether you’re new to driving or have been operating a motor vehicle for a while, there are three categories of traffic violations in Virginia you need to know about: three-point violations, four-point violations, and six-point violations. 

In Virginia, traffic violations are defined by points because the DMV tracks each violation to your driving record and allows or denies you driving privileges based on your points. These three categories define the severity of the violation and determine the penalties you would face if you’re convicted. Understanding each type of violation will better prepare you for being on the road and help you if you ever face criminal traffic charges.

Three-Point Traffic Violations in Virginia

The first category of traffic violations is three-point traffic violations, which are the least severe and include citations such as speeding (1-9 mph above the limit), improper passing, improper turning, failing to signal, and driving without lights. 

Four-Point Traffic Violations in Virginia

One step above basic traffic violations in Virginia is four-point traffic violations. In Virginia, four-point traffic violations include speeding (10-19 mph above the limit), passing when unsafe, failing to stop for a pedestrian, following another car too closely, and others. 

Six-Point Traffic Violations in Virginia

The most severe traffic violations in Virginia are six-point traffic violations. Some six-point violations, such as driving a commercial vehicle under the influence, stay on your record permanently. Other violations vary in the time they remain on your record and include reckless driving, driving while intoxicated, driving with a revoked license, and manslaughter among many others.

Virginia Clinics for Safe Driving

Because the Virginia DMV operates on a point system, when drivers are given demerit points against their record, they often have the opportunity to earn points back. Attending a clinic for safe driving is one of the most popular methods for earning positive points and can make a big difference for drivers who are in trouble. Attorneys who work with traffic crime offenders often recommend to their clients that, if offered, they should take the opportunity to attend a safe driving clinic. Drivers who attend a safe driving clinic, whether they attend voluntarily or by force, are often rewarded with a reduced sentence.

Experienced & Determined Criminal Traffic Lawyers in Virginia

If you’ve recently been convicted of a traffic violation in Virginia, there’s no better time than now to secure an experienced and determined criminal traffic lawyer for your case. Even if you have only received a speeding ticket, there’s always the chance you will face detrimental consequences, especially if it wasn’t your first violation. 

The attorneys at Pendleton Law Firm are experienced Criminal Traffic Lawyers who have handled thousands of cases across the state of Virginia. They’re dedicated to providing quality criminal traffic services to their clients in need, and for that reason are highly rated on Facebook, Yelp and Google+ by their past clients.

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