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Richmond Speeding Ticket Lawyer

We often believe a traffic officer has us dead to rights when pulling us over. But not always. Maybe an officer put a speed trap in a place where it’s unsafe to slow down in time. Or maybe they broke the rules for performing a legal traffic stop. In these cases, you can fight back.

If you received a ticket for speeding, our speeding ticket attorneys in Richmond can defend you in traffic court. For some drivers, a successful defense against a moving violation is the difference between keeping your driving privileges and losing your license.

Why Would I Need an Attorney for a Traffic Ticket?

For most people, a traffic ticket is just a nuisance. The fine and the trip to court may be annoying, but you’re willing to go through with it. However, some people seem to get more tickets than they should due to reckless driving.

As you get more points on your record, you could end up losing your license. Losing driving privileges could make you lose your job and most ways of generating income. It’s also embarrassing to ask for rides. Plus, it’s a mark on your criminal and driving record.

If you’re a CDL driver, the stakes are even higher. You could lose your ability to work in transportation if you get too many points on your license, leaving you with the burden of a truck you cannot pay off or drive legally.

Fighting a Speeding Ticket Against the Commonwealth

Have you been issued an unlawful or unjust speeding ticket? Do you feel you have a case to fight the ticket? If so, our speeding ticket attorneys in Richmond are here to help you understand the procedures & fight for your driver rights.

In the Commonwealth of Virginia, there are two ways to fight traffic tickets:

  • You can plead guilty and pay the fine or plea bargain for a lesser charge.
  • You can plead not guilty and attempt to dismiss your traffic ticket entirely.

If you choose to go the “not guilty” route and fight, it always helps to have an experienced legal counsel on your side. Our attorneys are ready to defend you against the claims of the officer and sway the court in your favor.

You Could Still Face Fines for a Speeding Ticket

Keep in mind that if you win your case, you are (typically) not actually dismissing your Virginia traffic ticket. Instead, you are keeping the demerit points that are assigned to the violation from being placed on your driving record. 

However, citations and points on your driving record can affect your finances, your driving privileges and more, so if you decide to fight your ticket it helps to have a Richmond speeding ticket attorney walk you through the potential outcomes.

If, upon investigation, we find they gave you a ticket illegally or under improper procedures, then we have an opportunity to get it completely dismissed.

Save Your Driving Record With a Speeding Ticket Lawyer

Call the Pendleton Law Team today by phone or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation and get the representation you need in traffic court. By working with our Richmond speeding ticket attorneys, you can keep your record clean and your license safe.