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Expunging your criminal record and sealing past convictions can be the last step toward clearing your name and moving forward after a criminal case. These legal processes hide or remove your past so others cannot use it against you.

Our expungement and record sealing lawyers in Richmond, Virginia, can help you through this process. Here’s how the Pendleton Law Team can help keep your past from affecting your future.

Virginia Expungement Lawyers Can Help You Clear Your Record

Even after you’ve served your sentence, the record of your crime can keep you from the careers and education you want to receive. A landlord could even disallow you from living in certain places because of your record.

If you can make it through the expungement process, you can completely move on from any criminal convictions or accusations and approach your dreams with a fresh start.

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Our Attorneys Can Help Keep Your Past from Hurting Your Future

Having an old conviction on your record can follow you for the rest of your life if you don’t know how to expunge or seal the crime. It can make applying for jobs and education far more complicated. At Pendleton Law Team, we are here to help you remove old crimes from your criminal record.

We are dedicated advocates with the knowledge of Virginia’s expungement laws you need to clean your record and create a new future for yourself. Our expungement attorneys in Richmond have helped many get criminal convictions expunged or sealed so you don’t have to reveal them.

We have a thorough understanding of Virginia criminal laws and the inner workings of local, state, and federal area courts, and we use our knowledge of the criminal justice system to your advantage. Trust our Richmond expungement and record sealing lawyers to diligently work for you.

What Does Expunging a Record Do?

Expunging a record in Virginia removes it from your criminal record. It will be like you never committed the crime. The rules for a full expungement make it hard to accomplish, but getting your record sealed is another matter.

A sealed record hides a past conviction from most people. You don’t have to mention it when someone asks you if you’ve been arrested, charged, or convicted. However, certain jobs, like those requiring a security clearance, may still have access to the record or require you to disclose a sealed record.

You may also have to disclose past sealed crimes if you apply for certain professional licenses or run for office in the state. Speak with an expungement lawyer for more details in these scenarios.

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Your Eligibility for Expungement

You have to meet eligibility requirements for your case to be sealed or expunged. Each state has different rules, and you’ll need to follow the rules of the state where the crime was committed. You may be able to have your record sealed or expunged if:

  • Your charges were dismissed.
  • You were acquitted or found not guilty.
  • You were a juvenile at the time of the crime.
  • A certain amount of time has passed since you fulfilled your sentence.

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Create a New Future Today with Our Attorneys’ Help

Do not let your past affect your future if you’ve been acquitted or successfully served your sentence and stayed on the right side of the law. Instead, contact Pendleton Law Team to discuss having your record expunged. Reach out to our Richmond, Virginia office online or by phone to schedule a consultation with a seasoned criminal defense attorney.

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