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Virginia is no stranger to car accidents and traffic violations. If you’re a resident of Wytheville, Virginia, and have recently been charged with a serious traffic violation, it’s important to understand that you have rights. 

Whether you were allegedly caught for reckless driving, DUI, or a common traffic violation, you can turn to us for help. The Wytheville criminal traffic attorneys at Pendleton Law Firm understand what it takes to defend serious traffic offenses and are ready to add your name to the list of thousands of people they’ve helped in western Virginia.

Differences Between Criminal Traffic Offenses and Standard Tickets

What makes a traffic violation criminal is a matter of law, but the differences in how they are treated are important. Put in simple terms, a standard traffic violation like a basic speeding ticket is a civil infraction, not a criminal one.

This means that the process for dealing with them goes through the traffic court system, not the criminal justice system. But for a criminal traffic offense, the criminal courts get involved. Depending on the crime, the DMV may also take administrative action against you.

Furthermore, getting convicted of a criminal traffic offense will leave you with a criminal record. If it’s bad enough to qualify as a felony, you could completely lose your right to drive along with several of your civil liberties.

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Common Wytheville Traffic Offenses

On Virginia highways, people are pulled over for a number of reasons. Although many stops are common violations—such as a missing tail light or failure to yield – other stops are due to serious violations that have the potential to severely alter the life of the offender.

These more serious offenses need the help of a criminal traffic lawyer. At Pendleton Law, some of the most common traffic offenses we defend include:

  • Reckless driving
  • Aggressive driving
  • Excessive speeding
  • Driving without insurance
  • Driving on a suspended or revoked license
  • Eluding police officers
  • Leaving the scene of an accident

Prosecutors go to great lengths to ensure their charges stand up in court, and if you don’t have a serious defense prepared, you’ll be subject to penalties that can potentially ruin your life. Our criminal traffic lawyers in Wytheville, Virginia, will build that defense for you.

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Are Hit-and-Runs Considered Criminal Traffic Violations?

A hit-and-run is an all-too-common form of criminal traffic violation. It’s more formally known as leaving the scene of an accident. It doesn’t matter if the accident was your fault or not. If you leave before you give a report and help the injured, you can be charged.

Every driver has a duty to help those who are hurt, if they can, and to report what happened to the authorities. Even running up the road to get help can be considered leaving the scene. The courts and insurers take a very dim view of anyone who leaves the scene.

Even if the accident was a small one, you should still give a report. This covers your bases and keeps you out of the criminal system. Plus, should you get sued in civil court, the prosecution will have less ammunition against you.

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Serious Penalties for Traffic Violations in Virginia

Whether you’ve been charged with a DUI or speeding, you should take the charges you face seriously. In the state of Virginia, no traffic violation is taken lightly and some of the most common penalties for traffic offenses include:

By enlisting the help of a competent criminal traffic lawyer who is knowledgeable about Virginia traffic laws, you can possibly have the penalties you face reduced or eliminated before you go to court.

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Fight Reckless Driving Charges in Wytheville

One of the most serious traffic offenses in the state of Virginia is reckless driving. According to Virginia law, reckless driving is speeding in excess of 80 mph, or 20 mph over the posted speed limit. 

You can also be charged with reckless driving if you’re caught racing, passing a school bus, passing on a hill, or passing at a railroad crossing. All cases of reckless driving are considered a felony or misdemeanor in the state of Virginia and can result in a minimum of 11 years of incarceration if you’re convicted. 

The best way to combat a reckless driving offense is to hire a criminal traffic lawyer in Wytheville who is experienced in these cases and work with them to build your defense. The sooner you hire a lawyer to help you, the more favorable your chances in court will be.

Viable Traffic Violation Defense Strategies

There are a number of different defense strategies criminal traffic lawyers can use to build your traffic case. Of course, the appropriate defense is highly dependent on the details surrounding your case and is best determined by a lawyer. Some of the most commonly used defense strategies in Virginia include:

  • Improper equipment maintenance
  • Poor weather conditions
  • Poor traffic conditions
  • Good driving record
  • Faulty police conduct

When you’re evaluating potential lawyers to defend you in your traffic case, be sure to ask them about the defense strategies they use. An experienced attorney will be able to inform you of the best defenses available for your case. 

Speak to Trustworthy and Competent Wytheville Traffic Lawyers

If you’re facing the possibility of going to court because of a traffic offense, there’s no doubt about it, you need a trustworthy and competent traffic lawyer who understands Virginia’s complex traffic laws. 

The Wytheville criminal traffic lawyers at the Pendleton Law Team are heavy hitters. We have been practicing law for more than 25 years and have helped thousands of Virginia residents win their cases. Let them help you, too! Call the Criminal Traffic Hotline or use our online contact form to schedule your free consultation today.

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