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Child Injury

What are common causes for child injuries at Richmond schools?

We understand the excitement—and anxieties—of sending your children to school.

You hope they will be well behaved during class, get along well with the other children, and learn the basic skills they will need to succeed in life. But the one thing you may worry about most is something going tragically wrong and your son or daughter getting hurt at school.

While the staff at your child’s school is well educated and equipped to handle an accident, not all accidents can be prevented. Schools are some of the most common places that child injuries in Virginia occur. If an adult looks in the other direction for only a short period of time, a child can quickly slip and fall or get hurt leaving them facing long term consequences from their injury.

Here are some of the most common child injuries that happen in Henrico County schools:

  • Poor maintenance causing a child to slip and fall
  • Broken equipment on the playground leading to broken bones, cuts, or other child injuries in Richmond
  • Leaks or spills not attended to by maintenance causing a child to slip and fall
  • Broken or missing handrails causing a child to fall down stairs
  • Broken or unleveled cement causing a child to fall as they run on the playground

If your child has been injured at school, contact our Richmond child injury attorneys for help with your claim. We know how to prove negligence, which is necessary in a child injury accident on Richmond school property.