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Motorcycle Accidents

What kind of compensation can I receive after a Henrico County or Chesterfield County motorcycle crash?

When many of our clients contact our offices for the first time, one of the first questions we hear is “How much is my case worth?”

This is impossible to say precisely until our Virginia personal injury attorneys fully investigate each case. However, there are a number of factors that go into deciding how much you will receive from the insurance companies. In Virginia, motorcycle accidents are typically paid for in a few different ways:

  • Property damage compensation. When a passenger vehicle hits a bike, property damage is almost inevitable. From the scraping on the roadway to the dents from the impact, bikes take on a good amount of damage after a motorcycle accident in Richmond. This damage is eligible for compensation by the insurance companies. To increase your chances of compensation, it is important not to repair your bike until a settlement deal has been reached.
  • Medical expense compensation. In addition to property being damaged, the rider and any passenger also are usually injured. These injuries can range from minor road rash to catastrophic trauma. Insurance companies compensate for these injuries to cover the high cost of the medical expenses to treat accident victims. However, if the demand for a financial recover is mishandled, victims risk losing some of this compensation.
  • Pain and suffering compensation. In some cases, pain and suffering compensation may be available. This is typically for victims that have been faced with severe injuries and are left disabled and missing work for an extended period of time while they heal.

If you have been in a Virginia motorcycle crash and are seeking compensation, let the injury lawyers at Christina Pendleton & Associates help you with your case. We know the tricks insurance companies try to use. We can give you experienced representation so that you do not fall victim to aggressive insurance adjusters, causing yourself to lose out on money to cover all of your damages. Contact us today for more information or to schedule a free consultation.