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Truck Accidents

What regulations do truck drivers have to follow in Virginia?

For truck drivers, handling the heavy machinery they work with every day comes with a certain amount of regulations that they must have in place. These regulations are imposed on truck drivers in an effort to help prevent truck collisions in Henrico County and Chesterfield County. Still, in spite of these regulations, many truck drivers push the limits or are unable to overcome failure while driving on the roadway and Virginia truck accidents do occur.

When you are fighting a case with a trucking company following one of these catastrophic collisions, you are likely wondering what regulations may have been broken to cause this crash to happen. Here are some of the regulations truck drivers are under to help you better understand the background of the people behind the wheel of these large vehicles:

Valid driver registration. This is one of the first regulations put in place on truck drivers. They must have a valid driver license that can be used in all states and good insurance in order to apply for a position.
Proper training. Truck driver training is extensive and is meant to make the people who operate these large vehicles understand the force that they can have while on the roadway. Unfortunately, some truckers receive inadequate training, or they fail to practice their skills regularly.

Health standards. Drivers must also pass a health test to ensure that they are healthy enough to sit behind the wheel. This includes drug testing and reaction time tests that help ensure that the people driving these large vehicles are able to react quickly and perform the duties necessary.
Regulations are put in place to help keep the driver of the trucks—as well as the people that they share the roadways with—safe and secure.

If you are involved in a truck accident in Richmond, contact our offices for more details on driver regulations and information on how we can help you get the settlement you deserve.