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Long-Term Concerns for Parents After a Child Injury in Richmond

Brain injuries in children are some of the most severe and devastating. Richmond child injury attorneys tell more about what parents can expect long term.

Three Long-Term Consequences Parents Face Following a Child Injury in Virginia

One of the most common types of child injuries in Richmond is an injury of the brain. These can come about after an auto accident caused a blow to the child’s head, an accident on the playground where a child fell wrong, or from water accidents where the child was unable to breathe for an extended period of time. Regardless of how the child’s injury occurred, the consequences can be devastating.

Anytime the brain is damaged whether from traumatic force or lack of oxygen, the results are scary. This is especially true for the developing brains of children. The following are some of the long-term consequences parents have to face after a Virginia child injury involving the brain:

  • Cognitive deficits. After a traumatic injury to the brain, children often have difficulty remembering certain things, focusing or concentrating on their schoolwork, or paying attention during certain activities. This long-term effect can leave parents needing to hire a tutor or find alternative forms of education that will make learning easier.
  • Behavioral changes. Irritability, anxiety, and depression are also common results of a child’s brain injury in Virginia. Because your child is unable to control her behavior as well as she may have in the past, she may act inappropriately more often. Some children demonstrate obsessive or violent behavior after a traumatic brain injury, making it difficult for parents to keep them under control.
  • Emotional strains. Sometimes, a child’s injury takes longer than originally expected to heal, or may even lead to permanent damage. When this happens, emotions in a family can run high. Emotional stress can also have a long-term effect leading to difficulty coping with the injury for the parents, the child, and other members of the household.

If your child has experienced a brain injury, it is important to get help. Contact us today for more information about how our legal team of child injury lawyers in Richmond can work with you to get the assistance you need to help cope with this unexpected and traumatic situation.