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Virginia courts take criminal charges very seriously, and some judges are notorious for giving harsher penalties for certain crimes or to offenders with a lengthy history. With odds stacked against the accused, the punishment of high fines and imprisonment are set for:

  • Sex crimes
  • Drug crimes
  • Theft crimes
  • Property crimes
  • White-collar crimes
  • Violent crimes

Being criminally charged can be a lot to contend with, but with a top-rated legal team, the odds of your charges being reduced or dismissed increase significantly. Pendleton Law has skillful criminal defense attorneys serving the Norfolk region that is ready to fight for you.

Legal Advice for the Criminally Charged

The criminal justice system may treat an accused person as if they are guilty of a crime. Because of this, law enforcement, jury members, investigators, and the prosecution can make biased assumptions that affect their ability to treat cases fairly.

While the Constitution was designed to protect people’s rights, recent changes threaten individuals’ ability to defend themselves. When accusations are made against you, you must be cautious of what you say and do after being charged.

It is always wise to seek legal counsel and to implement the following steps in order to strengthen your defense for a favorable outcome:

Exercise Your Miranda Rights

Recently, the Supreme Court made the decision that police could not be sued for failing to warn a suspect that they have the right to remain silent. You can still refrain from speaking to officers against your will. It is always best to stay silent until you are legally represented.

Maintain Personal Record of All Evidence

If you have pictures, videos, emails, objects, or text messages of the alleged victim, they will be submitted as evidence. Hold on to items that uphold your innocence and confirm your side of the story.

Keep in Mind That Police Can Embellish Facts

While it is against the law for you to fabricate a story, it is not illegal or uncommon for law enforcement. During the interrogation process, some cops use immoral tactics to leverage information. Be careful not to incriminate yourself by preparing with your attorney.

Witnesses or Alibis Are Important

There have been countless cases in which mistaken identity was used as a defense argument and the accused won due to having an alibi. Any witnesses or people that can confirm your story will poke holes in the prosecution’s argument.

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Infraction, Misdemeanor, and Felony Charges in Norfolk

Every state handles criminal acts differently. In Virginia, offenses are categorized by severity and are punishable in proportion to the crime. Classifications are as follows:

An Infraction in Norfolk

Infractions are minor offenses that are usually punishable by fines. Traffic violations are usually treated as an infraction that is not deemed a criminal act.

A Misdemeanor in Norfolk

Misdemeanors are viewed as criminal acts and are generally punishable by up to a year in jail. Although less severe than a felony, these offenses stay on your record permanently. They are categorized by Class 1, 2,3, or 4 in which certain penalties are set but usually accompany a fine.

A Felony in Norfolk

Felonies are the most serious and harshly punished of all offenses. Criminal acts such as murder are felonies. These charges are punishable by fines, imprisonment, or even death.

If you are charged with an infraction, misdemeanor, or felony charge, a criminal defense attorney in Norfolk, VA, can evaluate your case to explore what legal options are available. Our firm offers full legal support to reduce or clear your charges.

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Actions That Weaken Your Defense

As terrifying or stressful that being charged with a criminal offense is, acting calm and strategic will increase your chances of being cleared or receiving a lesser sentence. Our Norfolk criminal defense teams work hard to prepare clients and advise anyone criminally charged to avoid:

  • Posting to social media platforms
  • Poor behavioral conduct
  • Contacting the alleged victim
  • Voluntarily speaking to the police before being prepped by your attorney
  • Volunteering to submit a DNA test or turning over evidence

No matter what you are charged with, your legal advisor will fight to maintain your innocence against the prosecution. Legal support is on your side, helping you to navigate every stage. Protect your future and follow the legal advice of your attorney.

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Get the Help You Need With All Aspects of Your Criminal Case

A criminal defense lawyer is well-versed with the legal system and all of the nuance that comes with it. It is our focus to ensure that our clients understand the legal procedures, cooperate efficiently with law enforcement, and remain protected during this process.

Your attorney is your personal representative to act in your best interest. Their role consists of helping with:

Bail Hearings

In some instances, the accused will have to attend a bail hearing. During this time, it is decided what bail amount must be paid to free the individual from captivity while awaiting trial. Criminal lawyers usually fight to have the bail amount reduced.

Plea Deals

If the prosecution offers the accused a plea deal, the defense attorney will assess the deal and possibly negotiate for a plea bargain that is more suitable for their client.


When appearing in front of a judge and jury in court, preparation and execution are key elements for a positive outcome. An experienced defense attorney will present strong arguments using testimonies and expert witnesses that invalidate the prosecution’s statements.

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You are not legally required to have an attorney if charged with a misdemeanor or felony. Still, it is in your best interest to retain legal services if you wish to increase your chances of beating criminal charges.

The criminal defense lawyers in Norfolk of Pendleton Law have extensive knowledge of the court system. Each member of our legal team plays a vital role, whether preparing persuasive arguments, submitting evidence on time, or examining pleas that benefit the client.

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