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Accidents occur on a daily basis throughout the country, ranging in scope of severity. However, even the most minimal of accidents can have a tremendous impact on the brain. Any impact or contusion in the brain area could lead to long-lasting damage, which may not be discernible shortly after the accident. It is therefore extremely important to receive a medical opinion soon after any accident involving injuries to the head area to determine whether a brain injury has occurred. Once medical attention has been received, contact a skilled Richmond brain injury attorney who can help explain available legal avenues.

Brain Injuries

Brain injuries range largely in scope, from the small bump on the head, to the traumatic brain injuries which occur after a severe accident. Small injuries may require some ongoing monitoring in the early stages, while severe brain injuries could lead to months of hospitalization. The world has been introduced to the devastating damage which can occur from ongoing brain injuries through the new studies into the brains of athletes. The same damage can occur after a traumatic brain injury sustained following a car accident.

Traumatic brain injuries are a major cause of death and ongoing disability throughout the United States each year and contribute to a shockingly high percentage of all deaths caused by accidents. Traumatic brain injuries can impact each facet of a victim’s life, from basic motor control to their unique personality. Brain injuries can change a person’s life upside down and can impact the family life as well. In 2010, traumatic brain injuries contributed to the death of approximately 50,000 people throughout the United States. The number of hospitalizations due to traumatic brain injuries were several degrees of magnitude greater than this. At Christina Pendleton & Associates, our Richmond brain injury lawyers understand that head injuries are very serious and should be treated as such from the onset.

Personal Injury Recovery

The victim of a brain injury will not be able to simply slap on a cast and wait a few weeks for the brain to heal. Brain injuries require months and even years of ongoing rehabilitation to simply get to the point where the victim can function on their own again. Victims who suffer from traumatic brain injuries are typically unable to ever again experience the same quality of life they were accustomed to and often seek the legal counsel of our knowledgeable Richmond personal injury lawyers to help recover damages.

Brain injuries can be caused by any type of accident, although many are due to the impact of a car accident. Victims of accidents which lead to brain injuries may bring a claim against the responsible party for the following:

  • Medical expenses
  • Rehabilitation expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Future earnings
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of consortium (for the family)
  • Emotional distress

Brain injuries are heartbreaking injuries to witness and can lead to months of hard work by both the victim and their family. The family should not be worried about the financial impact of the medical care during this time, and should solely focus on the victim’s recovery.

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If you or a loved one have been the victim of an accident resulting in a brain injury, do not hesitate to receive the guidance from a medical professional. Once you have been thoroughly examined and are in the process of recovery, contact the lawyers of Christina Pendleton & Associates. Our attorneys will take it from there and will draft a claim for the damages you are entitled to receive as a result of the devastating accident. You should not have to go through life with an ongoing disability and be forced to suffer the financial repercussions in addition to the physical repercussions all because of the negligent behavior of one individual. Contact our legal team today for your free case evaluation.