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Richmond Opioid Lawsuit Attorney

In the midst of the ongoing national opioid epidemic, many families are wondering what legal actions they might take against opioid companies and manufacturers. Every day, 116 more people die from opioid overdoses. Who is responsible for these deaths? It might be the big pharmaceutical companies behind manufacturing painkiller prescriptions. Thousands of lawsuits are demanding accountability for the immense death toll.

As someone the opioid crisis has personally affected, you may have grounds to file your own lawsuit or join a class action against opioid drug manufacturers. A compassionate Richmond opioid lawsuit attorney at Christina Pendleton & Associates can help. We want to talk victims through the steps it takes to file a suit against major pharmaceutical companies and others who contributed to the current drug problem. You may be eligible for significant compensation through a personal injury, product liability, and/or wrongful death lawsuit in Richmond.

Facts on the Opioid Epidemic

Opioid-related overdoses are taking more lives than ever before. As the number of opioid prescriptions spike, so do related deaths. Many experts attribute the current increase in deaths to the wide availability of prescription opioids such as painkillers. Many patients don’t recognize the serious potential for dependency, withdrawal, abuse, and addiction when taking prescription pills. They mistakenly believe that since a doctor prescribed the drug, it’s safe to take without consequence.

Taking opioids for any period of time, however, can lead to the patient building up a tolerance for the drug. The patient then has to take more of the drug to feel the same effects. Soon, the patient won’t be able to be off of the drugs without experiencing withdrawal. At this point, the patient has developed a dependency on the drug. If the patient’s prescription runs out, he or she may resort to anything possible to obtain more opioids – including buying illegal drugs.

Heroin, an illicit opioid, is cheaper and more easily available in most places than prescription pills. Illicit street substances, however, may be of higher potency or laced with other drugs – resulting in a high risk of overdose. Patients who have suffered or lost a loved one because of opioid drugs are now seeking restitution from companies they believe contributed to the epidemic. Hundreds of lawsuits on behalf of individuals, medical practices, workers’ unions, and governments are now in motion regarding opioid-related damages.

Do You Have Grounds for an Opioid Lawsuit in Richmond?

The majority of plaintiffs currently involved in opioid lawsuits are targeting major drug manufacturers such as Purdue Pharma LP (the creator of OxyContin) as well as distributors such as McKesson Corp. They claim that the companies knew or should have known that their drugs and products weren’t safe for consumers, yet they marketed them as safe anyways. Misleading marketing surrounding opioid medications may have contributed to the widespread misinformation about their risk for abuse. To learn whether or not you have grounds for filing an opioid lawsuit, speak with a qualified Richmond opioid lawsuit attorney.

Misleading marketing from drug makers and distributors gave them significant profits – at the expense of overdose deaths and addictions. Many medical practices are joining lawsuits against opioid makers, saying the manufacturers gave them misinformation which they passed onto patients. All in all, the lawsuits seek financial compensation for victims and their families who would not have suffered their damages were it not for the intentional misconduct of the drug companies.

Free Consultation with a Richmond Opioid Lawsuit Lawyer

If you believe you have the right to file or join a lawsuit against opioid manufacturers, talk to our Richmond injury attorneys. We understand these lawsuits and know what it will take to win a case against a Big Pharma company or drug distributor. We have the resources and experience you need for aggressive legal representation. We won’t stop until we’ve secured justice for victims. Learn more about your potential lawsuit during a free, no-obligation consultation with a Richmond opioid lawsuit attorney. Contact us today to schedule yours.