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Christina Pendleton & Associates

Injured or charged with a crime? Contact our Virginia Trial Lawyers to Get the Results You Deserve!

Have you been injured? At Christina Pendleton & Associates, we pride ourselves on being your legal experts and top resource for working with insurance companies to get the best settlement for your case. With an insurance company veteran on our team, we know the dirty little secrets that are used to cheat you out of what is fair and just for what you have experienced. We work tenaciously to fight for your rights and be your advocate to help get you what you deserve.

Our team of Richmond personal injury attorneys meets personally with each client from day one.  Then, unlike other personal injury law firms, we hold a roundtable discussion to come up with a strategy that we are confident will be effective when battling insurance companies’ tricks. We have seen first-hand the difference having legal representation can make when it comes to awarding a settlement and know what it takes to help you get the most out of your claim.

Our goal, first and foremost, is to work personally with you and fight hard for your rights. That’s why you have direct access to the Richmond injury lawyers working on your case. Get started with us immediately by reading one of our free books with legal guidance for Richmond injury victims written by our own in-house best-selling author.

Let Christina Pendleton & Associates Be the Personal Injury Law Firm for You

Whether you're concerned about a rear-end collision with a tanker truck on I-95, a pediatrician error that injured your two-year-old child, or a drunk driver who made a left turn in front of your motorcycle, you recognize that personal injuries cry out for justice. When you or a loved one has sustained serious or critical injuries, you need the support of Richmond personal injury lawyers from Christina Pendleton & Associates.

  • Car Accidents. Traffic accidents happen all too often in the Richmond area. A car accident in Virginia may be a minor fender-bender, or may be a devastating injury that has lasting—or even permanent—impact on your life. Your injuries can keep you out of work for months while hospital and medical bills mount. You can't trust the insurance adjuster to offer you a fair deal. Contact Christina Pendleton & Associates to get the financial recovery you deserve.
  • Truck Accidents. Tractor-trailer collisions in Virginia can cause fearsome injuries. Big rigs and 18-wheelers have enormous masses, so crashes between commercial trucks and passenger vehicles may inflict devastating wounds. Severe trauma and death are shockingly common. Whether your accident was due to a sleepy truck driver, a tire blowout, or improper truck maintenance, you owe it to yourself and your passenger to seek compensation for your losses.
  • Motorcycle Injuries. A biker is at a huge disadvantage during a Virginia motorcycle accident. Without the protection of seat belts, airbags, and the hard shell of a car body, a motorcycle rider faces much greater danger of serious injury when a Richmond traffic crash happens. A motorcyclist can easily be flung from his vehicle to collide with a stationary object or to slide across the pavement. Spinal cord injuries, fractured bones, and severe lacerations are common results.
  • Child Injury. Negligent or abusive treatment of children is intolerable. Hurting the most vulnerable members of our communities can devastate young lives that have barely begun. Christina Pendleton & Associates believes that when your child has been harmed at a negligent day care facility or damaged by a defective crib or car seat, you deserve compensation to cover current and future medical bills and rehabilitative therapy. Contact our Virginia child injury attorneys  for help in getting the maximum recovery available.

Let Our Experience Work for You

Our team of personal injury attorneys in Richmond has the experience to help you get the best settlement possible. We work regularly with the major insurance companies and know the tricks they use to try to cheat people out of a fair settlement. Our experience working not only as personal injury lawyers in Richmond, but also behind the scenes at insurance companies, has taught us what works and what it takes to succeed.

Our experience speaks for itself. Insurance companies treat you differently when they know that you have a member of the Richmond personal injury lawyer team at Christina Pendleton & Associates on your side. Take a look at some of our case studies  to see just some of the results we have achieved for our clients.

Contact Us for a Free Consultation Today

You are filled with questions following an accident, and we have the answers. Let us work with you on your personal injury case. Contact our Richmond personal injury attorneys today so we can get started fighting for you. We gladly serve in the greater Richmond area, including the City of Richmond, Chesterfield County, Henrico County, Petersburg, Hanover, and Colonial Heights.

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