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The first moments after a devastating accident are often full of panic and disorganization, as you try to piece together what occurred. However, in the days that follow an accident, contact the attorneys at Christina Pendleton & Associates. We will handle your claim for damages from day one, and will allow you to focus on what is important: your recovery. Insurance companies will often begin hounding the injured victims after an accident occurs, and our team will ensure that you are left alone during this time. We will carefully examine the facts of the accident and ensure that a claim is timely filed for damages. You are the victim in this situation and should not be responsible for the resulting injuries – whether they be financial or emotional.

Personal Injury Law

Personal injury law has its roots in English common law and the idea of a “tort.” The word tort refers to a wrong or harm suffered by a person as a result of another’s actions.

Much of the litigation involved with personal injury actions (or tort actions) revolve around the theory of negligence. Under a theory of negligence, an injured party must be able to show that a reasonably prudent person would not have acted in the way the defendant acted.

In each of the above incidents, as well as other personal injury claims, the defendant acted in a manner which was outside of what a normal personal would act in a similar situation. The negligent party often ignored a heightened risk of injury, and the plaintiff therefore suffered injuries as a result of these actions (or inactions). Other actions may fall within negligence although the defendant acted in a reasonable manner, such as when the defendant engaged in a highly dangerous activity (which could clearly result in injuries).

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Pay Us Nothing Unless We Win your Case

We work on a contingency fee basis, which means you pay us nothing until we win your case. There is no financial risk to you.


Insider Knowledge of Insurance Companies

Damon Pendleton has 5 years of experience working for a BIG insurance company, so he can "pull back the curtain" and make sure clients don't fall for their tactics.


Big Firm Resources, Small Firm Service

Our firm is small enough to give you personal attention, yet big enough to have all the resources necessary to fight the BIG insurance companies.


We Utilize the Latest In Technology

We utilize the latest advances in technology, both in our office and in the courtroom. This allows us to more effectively represent our clients' interests.


Let Us Advocate and Fight For You

We believe every seriously injured person deserves a fair fight. We stand between you and the BIG insurance companies. We fight to get you more.

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We have a team of experts who have spent years protecting our clients’ rights, including an insurance company veteran

Personal Injury Recovery

As a victim of a personal injury action, you are entitled to request the defendant cover the cost of your injuries and any resulting damage, all of which is easy to calculate. However, you may additionally request damages which may be more difficult to calculate, such as emotional distress or the loss of future earnings. Our firm will assist you in developing your case for a personal injury claim, as well as the calculation of your damages to ensure you receive the amount you deserve for the injury. Personal injury accidents can have a lasting impact on your future, and the party who caused the injury should be held responsible for the damaging results.

Christina Pendleton & Associates

Our team of attorneys will personally work with you immediately to determine the cause of your injury and ensure that your claim is filed as soon as possible. We have a team of experts who have spent years protecting our clients’ rights, including an insurance company veteran. We know the tricks that insurance companies and defendants try to play in reducing the total award you are entitled to receive. We will aggressively pursue your claim and advocate for your rights. You were the victim in the accident, and the responsible party should be held liable for their negligent behavior. Contact our Richmond, Virginia office today for your initial free consultation.

seven questions the insurance company hopes you never ask

Most people are filled with questions following an accident, and we have the answers.

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Can you explain all insurance coverage that applies to this accident?

Two of the first questions I get from new clients are, “who pays my medical bills?” and “who will pay for my car?” ....

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How long do I have to settle my case?

As a general rule Virginia law gives accident victims two years from the date of injury to file suit in their case....

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How will you handle any prior injuries I've suffered?

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What's the value of my case?

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Who's interest do you represent?

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