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The Richmond personal injury lawyers at Christina Pendleton & Associates works with attorneys, experts, medical providers, and family-members throughout the Commonwealth and across the country as a source of case referrals. These cases can fall into many categories some of which are the following:

1.  Out of State Attorneys:

Some attorneys practice out of state and wish to refer cases to a personal injury attorney in Richmond, Virginia with experience fighting against the big insurance companies and working for them. Since Interstates 95 and I-64 traveling through Richmond, Virginia it’s common for accidents to occur with out-of-state drivers. Even after being injured many of these people continue home and speak to their local attorney. If you find yourself in this situation we encourage you to call our office and discuss a fee-splitting arrangement with our firm and we ensure you that if we take the case, that we can, and will, take great care of the client.

 2.  Virginia attorneys conflict of interest:

Our firm is routinely referred cases from other Virginia attorneys that have conflicts of interest and therefore cannot handle a case that came into their office. This is a common occurrence and when that happens we encourage the attorney to give our firm and call to see if we can accept the case.

3. Virginia attorneys who practice in areas other than personal injury law:

Every attorney knows when they are “outside their wheelhouse” in a case. If you find yourself in this situation on a personal injury case around Richmond, Virginia,  and you are looking for a firm that can help you out of this situation, we encourage you to call our office to discuss the case and any potential fee-splitting arrangement.

4. Medical Providers, Experts & Other Professionals Around the Country:

Often medical providers are the first point of contact for injured victims in Virginia. If you are a medical provider, or other type of expert/professional, and you’ve realize that your patient/client needs to consult a Virginia personal injury lawyer then we encourage you to call and speak to Damon Pendleton. After a discussion with Mr. Pendleton if you think your patient could find a better lawyer for their needs then please send them to that person.  If not, send then to us for a free, no-obligation legal consultation.

5.  Prior Clients:

We think the biggest complement is when a new client calls to introduce themselves and says they were referred to our office  by a prior client. This is when we know we’ve done something right. So, if you are a prior client that had a positive experience with our firm and you see a loved one or family member that needs legal help we encourage you to ask that they call our office at (804) 554-4444 and speak to an attorney for a free legal consultation. If they are not ready to call then try directing them to our website where they can find free informative videos and articles which may help them in their time of need.