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Marketing Director, Intakes Manager

Born and raised in Virginia, Maureen earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Longwood University with a major in Art Education and Graphic Design. Before joining the firm, she worked for over a decade in the insurance industry as a marketing specialist and analyst. Most recently, Maureen served as Legislative Assistant and Communications Director at the Virginia General Assembly. As Marketing Director with the Pendleton Law Team, she connects future clients with our quality services and highlights success stories to help others make important decisions about their legal cases through print, web, and social media. She also manages the personal injury intakes department.

In addition to making a difference through her work, Maureen lives in the Richmond area with her wife and their two cats: Mr. Bingley and Samwise Gamgee. She enjoys digging through old family history and genealogy research, painting portraits of people and animals, pondering what is for dinner, building fires in her fireplace, and watching Forensic Files. Maureen is also quite possibly the world’s biggest Dolly Parton fan and hopes she can be half as cool as Dolly is when she grows up.

Mr. Bingley doing what he enjoys most – snuggling.