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Taking legal action after a personal injury accident is a complicated process with a lot of room for error. Filing a claim without the assistance of a seasoned attorney could prove to be a massive waste of time and energy. If you want to recover maximum compensation without having to take a night class in civil torts, consider hiring an attorney from Pendleton Law.

Our personal injury attorneys have won settlements and jury verdicts in over 80,000 cases, and they aren’t stopping anytime soon. If you or a loved one have been injured in an incident caused by another party’s negligence, contact us as soon as possible and we’ll get started on your personal injury claim.

How Our Personal Injury Attorneys Can Help You

Our lawyers are dedicated to recovering losses for those injured in car accidents, product liability incidents, medical oversights, and any other situation where one is harmed by another’s actions. They’ll take many important steps to ensure your personal injury claim yields the payment you need to manage your pain and avoid debt collectors.

Here’s what they’ll do to make sure your claim is successful:

Collect evidence

Persuasive evidence is the foundation of a personal injury claim. Records like police reports, medical bills, security footage, witness accounts, and photos of the accident scene can all be used to build a convincing case. In addition to these documents, your personal injury lawyer may also secure testimony from an expert.

Accident experts, medical experts, and economic experts can be called on to offer context to the incident you were injured in. In the case of medical malpractice, a medical expert can use their knowledge to explain exactly how a doctor’s negligence resulted in the victim’s injury and financial loss.

Establish Liability

Once your personal injury lawyer has compiled enough evidence, they’ll ideally be able to show that the at-fault party is legally responsible for the damage they did to you. To establish liability, they’ll have to present the facts of your case in a way that directly connects the other party’s behavior with your injury and your compensable losses.

Negotiate With Insurers

Once your attorney has proven liability, it’s time to deal with the at-fault party’s insurance company. You’d think insurers would simply do their job and offer you the payment you need to rectify the damage that’s been done, but that is almost never the case. 

Insurance companies are just another business, concerned with profits and thwarting honest injury claims. Luckily, our personal injury lawyers are first-rate negotiators. They’re your best shot at pressuring the guilty party’s insurer to do the right thing and offer an adequate settlement.

Take Your Case to Trial

While most personal injury claims in Lynchburg end in a settlement, there’s always a chance that your attorney will have to take your case to trial. If they do, it’s highly likely that the jury will rule in your favor. Our lawyers have seen thousands of court cases, and know how to present a case in a clear and convincing manner.

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Compensation You’ll Receive From a Winning Personal Injury Claim in Lynchburg

If your personal injury attorney wins your case, you could recover payment for a number of different costs and hardships brought on by your injury. In lawyer speak, payments for losses are separated into items known as damages. The damages you receive may include:

  • Present and future medical costs
  • Lost wages
  • Property damage
  • Reduced earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental distress
  • Diminished quality of life

If the guilty party’s actions were extremely out of line, your lawyer may opt to add punitive damages to your claim. While punitive damages don’t compensate you for a specific loss, they do act to punish excessively irresponsible behavior. They also function as a warning to others that similar actions will not be tolerated by civil courts.

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A Personal Injury Lawyer Can File a Claim for Fatal Incidents

If your loved one has perished due to injuries caused by another individual or entity, we are sincerely sorry for your loss. In times like these, it’s important to grieve and look back on the life of the deceased, which is why our personal injury attorneys will give you the space you need while they file a wrongful death claim on your behalf. 

Damages from a wrongful death claim can help you pay for your loved one’s funeral, support yourself if you depended on them financially, and cover any medical bills they accrued before their passing. They can also compensate for the emotional pain and loss of consortium you’re most likely experiencing.

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Our Attorneys Will Make Sure Your Personal Injury Claim Is Filed on Time

All personal injury incidents have a statute of limitations that must be taken into account when filing a claim. According to Virginia code § 8.01-243, victims have two years from their date of injury to file in Virginia. If you wait too long to file and your deadline passes, there’s a good chance you won’t receive compensation.

However, there are some personal injury cases, like medical malpractice, that might benefit from a more forgiving time limit. To find out how long you have to file your personal injury claim, it’s best to speak with a seasoned lawyer.. They’ll make sure your claim is submitted within the appropriate time frame.

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No-Cost Personal Injury Legal Services in Lynchburg, VA

At Pendleton Law, we’re thrilled to offer top-notch legal counsel for a contingency fee agreement. A contingency fee is a portion, typically one-third, of your settlement that our attorneys will take in exchange for their advocacy. This arrangement allows you to avoid paying out of pocket for representation, even if your case fails to yield compensation.

That being said, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll lose your case if you choose to work with one of our personal injury lawyers. They’ll focus all their efforts on investigating your case, establishing liability, and holding the defendant responsible for every last penny you’re owed. To get the stellar legal counsel you need to succeed, contact our firm today.

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