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The medical costs following an accident can add stress to an already frustrating situation. If you are feeling overwhelmed by medical bills, experiencing post-traumatic stress, or have had to miss work after being injured in an accident, there’s a chance that you qualify for a personal injury settlement. 

To learn if you are eligible, your best option is to get in touch with one of our personal injury lawyers immediately after your Midlothian accident. An experienced lawyer from the Pendleton Law Team can evaluate your case and advise you of the worth of your injury settlement in just one session. 

For legal help in seeking just compensation and a breakdown of your legal options, read more about how this firm can help you. 

How Much Can an Accident Victim Win From a Personal Injury Settlement?

Many variables can impact how much a Midlothian accident victim can get from a personal injury settlement, such as the extent of your injuries, whether you contributed to the accident, and the substantiating evidence available. With the right personal injury lawyer handling your case, settlement amounts can range from thousands to millions of dollars. 

It is typical for compensation packages to include some or all of the following expenses:

  • Present and future lost wages
  • All accident-related medical bills
  • Property repair or replacement expenses
  • Pain and suffering
  • Psychological trauma, including mental distress and other emotional anguish
  • Reduced quality of life
  • Lessened earning potential
  • Permanent disability
  • Disfigurement and scarring

The results of any personal injury case are ultimately determined by the elements that establish fault and the experience of your legal team. The state does not predetermine settlement amounts, but in general, broken bones and severe injuries are worth more than minor bruises, scrapes, or soft-tissue injuries. 

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The Do’s and Don’t Following a Personal Injury Accident

Before you decide to retain a personal injury attorney after an accident in Midlothian, you should take steps to protect yourself. Following your injuries, there are a few things you should do and steer clear of if you want your case to succeed. Here are some typical dos and don’ts to consider:

Things to Do After Getting Injured

After a slip and fall incident or car accident, taking pictures of the accident scene is important. Any evidence in the form of photos or videos should include alternate views of the damage, injuries sustained by all parties, and any elements that could have caused your injury. Also, gather contact information from bystanders who may be able to testify on your behalf if needed.

Next, make sure to file an official police report or an accident report that gives your side of the facts. Then, get medical attention from your primary physician or an urgent care facility that can document your injuries and treat them accordingly. Lastly, consult with an accidental injury lawyer about your Midlothian case before speaking with the insurance provider. 

Things to Avoid After Suffering a Personal Injury

What you say at the accident scene can be used against you later during the official investigation. Ensure that you avoid admitting fault or apologizing for the accident in any capacity. Also, when providing the accident report, avoid lying or speculating in an attempt to sway things in your favor.

When visiting the doctor, remain committed to the assigned treatment plan, and if you must miss an appointment, reschedule a follow-up immediately. Missing medical visits or ignoring your doctor’s orders insinuates that your injuries are less severe or irrelevant. Lastly, avoid posting any details on your social media platforms, as insurers have benefited from the information shared. 

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Deadline for Filing an Injury Claim for Compensation in Midlothian, VA

The time limit for submitting a personal injury lawsuit in Midlothian, VA, is determined by the nature of the lawsuit and the specifics of the accident. The following are pertinent to the success of your Midlothian personal injury claim:

Initial Claim Notice:

Prior to launching a lawsuit, it may be required to file a notice of claim if your accident happened on property owned by a government organization. Depending on the government body, different notice of claim procedures must be followed, and if you don’t submit a notice of claim within the specified timeframe, your right to fair compensation may be in jeopardy.

Virginia’s Statute of Limitations for Personal Injury Claims

Virginia provides a two-year statute of limitations for lawsuits involving personal injuries. This indicates that you have two years from the accident’s date to submit a claim. You risk losing your ability to seek compensation if you don’t file within this window of time.

Exemptions to Virginia’s Statute of Limitations

We can inform you of the exceptions to Virginia’s personal injury statute of limitations. The statute may be extended in a few circumstances, such as if the harm wasn’t discovered until much later or if the victim was a minor at the time of the accident. Additionally, depending on the specifics of your case, certain defendant types may be exempt from the deadline.

Immediately after an accident in Midlothian, VA, you should consult a qualified personal injury lawyer to ensure you adhere to all deadlines and conditions for submitting a claim.

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Find the Right Lawyer for Your Midlothian Personal Injury Case

Let’s face it, any accident is inconvenient, but one that results in a personal injury can be costly, emotionally draining, and very time-consuming. Allow the personal injury lawyers of Pendleton Law to act in your best interest following a Midlothian, VA, accident.

Our skilled litigators are “Heavy Hitters®” with insurance companies but compassionate and collaborative with victims like you who deserve a chance at justice. If you want to learn why the Pendleton Law Team is the right law firm for you, contact us today and schedule a free consultation. We promise to fight for your interests and protect your rights every step of the way.

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