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An Uber ride is yours at the click of a smartphone button. But unfortunately, these cashless convenient rides are not accident-free. If you or a loved one is recovering from a rideshare accident, a Colonial Heights Uber accident lawyer from the Pendleton Law Team can help you recover damages. 

We will handle talks with the insurer and rideshare company and sort out complex liability issues that could hold up your financial recovery. Our rideshare accident lawyers serving Colonial Heights will demand your compensation and protect your rights. Call our team today for a free consultation.

Our Uber Injury Lawyers Serving Colonial Heights Will Determine Who Should Cover Your Losses

Navigating rideshare accident cases is challenging for a few reasons. A key issue is determining who is at fault for the crash. Uber drivers are independent contractors, not employees. This makes it harder to hold Uber directly responsible for auto accidents.

Injured passengers and drivers, therefore, must pursue damages in other ways. Our car accident lawyers near Colonial Heights can help our clients:

  • File an insurance claim against an Uber driver’s auto insurance.
  • File an insurance claim against Uber’s liability insurance.
  • Sue the party that caused the collision.
  • Sue third-party entities not directly involved in the accident.

In some cases, accident victims could sue multiple parties that share responsibility for the crash. We can determine how you can move forward with a compensation claim or lawsuit once we review how the accident happened.

Uber’s Liability Insurance Coverage

Uber operates as a “transportation network company (TNC)” in Virginia. State law requires TNCs to carry, at minimum, a $1 million liability policy. This coverage, however, takes effect only when:

  • Drivers accept ride requests and travel to pick up riders.
  • Drivers transport riders to the riders’ destinations.

The coverage period ends when drivers drop riders off at their desired location. 

How Uber Addresses Insurance in Other Scenarios

  • Offline: If the driver is not active on the app, their auto insurance is in effect. Uber drivers must carry the mandatory minimum insurance in their state.
  • Online but waiting for a ride request: If the driver is signed in to the app but is waiting for a ride request, Uber’s third-party liability coverage might cover accident claims if the driver’s auto insurance does not apply. As of March 2024, this coverage is as follows: $50,000 in bodily injury coverage per person, up to $100,000 in bodily injury coverage per accident, and $25,000 in property damage per accident.

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We Will Take Care of Your Case While You Recover

Once you hire the Pendleton Law Team to lead your case, our personal injury lawyers near Colonial Heights will investigate the Uber accident to determine the driver’s status and what period of coverage was in effect when the accident occurred.

We also will gather and review evidence that supports your case, such as police reports, the driver’s cellphone and log-in records, witness statements, expert witness testimony, and traffic camera footage.

We also will handle all tasks of your case, including:

  • Listing all liable parties that potentially owe you damages.
  • Proving how negligence caused your accident and injuries.
  • Assessing your losses and determining how much financial compensation you could recover.
  • Managing case paperwork, phone calls, filing deadlines, etc.
  • Leading settlement negotiations with insurance companies.
  • Preparing and filing a lawsuit if we cannot settle your case.
  • Fighting for your financial recovery at trial if needed.

Our Rideshare Personal Injury Attorneys Will Handle the Insurance Company for You

When you hire the Heavy Hitters®, you will work with legal professionals who care about their clients and will work to recover the awards they deserve. We don’t run from complicated cases or big insurance companies. 

We also protect our clients from insurance companies that use tactics that delay or deny clients their financial recovery. We take on every challenge, ensuring our clients get the recovery they need to move forward with their lives. Call our law office today to review your legal options during a free, no-obligation case evaluation.

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Recoverable Damages in an Uber Collision in Virginia

You likely have economic and non-economic damages from the crash. We will assess every loss to determine how much monetary compensation you can demand. Typical damages in these cases include:

  • Medical expenses for emergency and ongoing care
  • Rehabilitation therapy costs
  • Lost income from being out of work 
  • Lost or reduced earning capacity
  • Property damage and vehicle repairs
  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish
  • Emotional distress
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Other related losses

Wrongful Death Damages in Fatal Rideshare Accidents

We offer our condolences if your family member suffered fatal injuries in an Uber collision. Our Colonial Heights wrongful death lawyers can file legal action to recover losses such as:

  • Medical expenses
  • Rehabilitation therapy fees
  • Funeral and burial/cremation arrangements
  • Lost household income
  • Other accident-related losses

Only designated family members can seek damages for wrongful death. We can explain which relatives can pursue damages under Virginia law and explain the timeline and deadline that apply to your case. 

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How Much Time Do I Have to File an Uber Damages Lawsuit in VA?

Parties seeking compensation in Virginia’s civil courts have a set time to file their lawsuits. Generally, injured parties have two years from the date of the accident or injury to sue for damages, as outlined in Virginia Code § 8.01-243

If exceptions apply to your case, the deadline could change. We can tell you how much time you have to take legal action, but we urge you to contact us now. 

Time passes quickly. If the deadline expires, you likely will lose your right to sue for damages. We will file your case on time and update you on all developments as they occur.

Our Uber App Accident Attorneys Can Represent You at No Upfront Cost 

We accept cases on contingency, which means you won’t owe us upfront fees for us to represent you. Accident victims incur various expenses after an accident, so we receive payment only if we recover compensation for you. 

We offer this payment arrangement so that all who want legal representation can seek it without worrying how much it costs. We can explain this arrangement to you when we meet.

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After a painful rideshare accident, you deserve time to heal your injuries and hold those who harmed you accountable. Our Uber rideshare accident lawyers serving clients in Colonial Heights will determine who should compensate you for damages while you focus on your recovery. 

Call the Pendleton Law Team today for a free case evaluation. We will answer your questions and get to work as soon as we hear from you.  

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