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Personal injuries can range from minor sprains to severe damage, such as spinal cord trauma. When an accident occurs due to someone else’s reckless behavior, those harmed may qualify for compensatory damages to cover their medical care, missed income, and much more. There is a legal process to undergo, but with an attorney, you are more likely to get fair compensation.

If you or someone that you know is facing medical bills, property damage, missed work, or other accident-related losses, the Pendleton Law Team can assist you in filing your claim and negotiating a lucrative settlement with the insurance companies.

In a complimentary and risk-free consultation, our personal injury attorneys near Hanover County will teach you the important aspects of your personal injury claim and how to increase your settlement offer. In the meantime, learn the basics of a personal injury claim.

The Value of Seeking Medical Attention Right Away Following a Personal Injury Accident

Receiving medical care as soon as possible after an accident is essential for your health and may benefit your personal injury claim. Here are a few explanations:

  • Quick medical attention may be able to preserve your life and save your injuries from getting worse.
  • Medical examinations can assist in establishing the scope and seriousness of your injuries, which is essential for proving the losses you have incurred.
  • It is easier to prove a connection between the accident and your injuries if you seek medical assistance as soon as possible following the collision. Delaying medical care can make it more difficult to determine whether the accident actually caused your injuries.
  • When proving the type and severity of your injuries in a personal injury case, medical records can be a crucial piece of evidence.
  • The diagnosis and prognosis given by a doctor can give you important details regarding your recovery and any potential long-term implications of your injury. You can utilize this information to bolster your damage claim.

In conclusion, obtaining medical care as soon as possible after an accident is essential for your health and can benefit your personal injury case by supplying key evidence to support your claim for damages.

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Dealing with Insurance Companies After an Accident

As insurance companies are in the business of retaining profit, they frequently employ strategies to minimize the amount of money they are required to pay out in response to personal injury claims. Typical strategies include:

  • A fast settlement offer made before the full nature of your injuries is understood may result in a payout that is less than you are due
  • Denying the gravity of your injuries or the degree to which the accident was to blame
  • Blaming you for the accident or claiming that anything other than the accident caused your injuries
  • Attempting to undermine your claim or misrepresent your comments by using your recorded statements against you

The Best Ways to Protect Your Rights When Speaking With Insurance Companies

  1. Be cautious with your words and refrain from saying anything that could be used against you
  2. Seek medical help, thoroughly document your injuries, and, if necessary, seek follow-up care
  3. Any correspondence with the insurance provider, including emails, phone conversations, and letters, should be documented
  4. Speak to a Hanover personal injury attorney who can guide you through the procedure and defend your rights
  5. Never accept any settlement offers without first seeking legal advice

You can negotiate with the insurance provider alone or with the assistance of an experienced personal injury attorney serving Hanover County to receive a maximum settlement offer. If contacted early enough, we can assist in defending your rights by speaking with the insurance provider immediately after your injury and filing the necessary documentation on your behalf. 

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Commonly Asked Questions About Personal Injury Settlements

It is our job to provide you with the knowledge and resources available to make an informed decision about your case. Review the commonly asked questions below regarding personal injury settlements before attending an initial consultation to feel best prepared.

How Will My Personal Injury Settlement Offer Be Determined?

The extent and seriousness of the injuries, medical costs, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages are some of the elements that are often taken into account when determining the value of a personal injury settlement. Virginia is a contributory negligence state, so the extent of your contribution will also be weighed to determine your settlement amount. 

What Is the Average Timeframe To Resolve A Personal Injury Case?

The intricacy of the case, the severity of the injuries, and other factors all affect how long it takes to resolve a personal injury claim. While some instances can be resolved quickly, others might not be resolved for months or even years. Your lawyer will be able to provide a more detailed answer to this after the investigation is completed and your treatment begins or ends.

What Happens Next If I Reject the Insurance Company’s Settlement Offer?

If you reject the insurance company’s settlement offer, you may need to go to court to pursue a higher settlement sum. When making this choice, a Hanover County injury attorney can help you consider the risks and rewards, as this can be a time-consuming and costly process.

If I Accept the Settlement Offer and Change My Mind, Can I Still Go To Court To Obtain a Higher Offer?

Normally, you give up your right to take the defendant to court again if you accept a settlement offer. Before accepting any settlement offer, you should speak with a personal injury attorney to make sure you are aware of your rights and available options.

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Recover Compensation for Your Injuries Before The Window Closes

Contact the Pendleton Law Team to manage your personal injury claim before Virginia’s statute of limitations expires. In Hanover County, VA, personal injury attorneys from our firm act quickly to recover evidence, file claims, and discuss your damages with the insurance agency. If you have been injured and need comprehensive support, we can help in every aspect of your case. 

Once you schedule your free consultation, we will discuss the details of your accident to establish negligence and review medical records to estimate the value of your claim. If you are facing financial difficulty, you will be relieved to know that our firm does not require a retainer or bill hourly. We run on a contingency fee basis and will front the costs of building your claim.

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