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Hanover County Truck Accident Lawyer

Has anyone you know been hurt or passed away as a result of a trucking collision in Hanover County, VA? Do you know what to say to insurance providers after an accident? Our attorneys can help with every step of the personal injury process to ensure your rights are upheld. Additionally, we can help you secure the just compensation you are entitled to.

After being involved in a truck wreck involving a commercial truck, accident victims in Hanover County, VA, can receive compassionate representation from the Pendleton Law Team. We will fight our hardest to see that you are reimbursed for any accident-related medical expenses, property damage, and mental distress.

If you’ve sustained severe injuries after a Hanover County truck accident, the lawyers at this firm are skilled in the area of personal injury litigation and provide a no-cost consultation to assess your case.

How Much Compensation Can I Get in Hanover County After Getting Struck by a Truck?

You might be wondering what factors insurance takes into account when making a settlement offer following an accident. The worth of your claim must be determined by the adjusters, who must take into account both the likelihood that you will win in court and the possible sum that the jury may award you.

The following elements influence the sum:

  • The price of medical care associated with accidents-related injuries
  • How much income was lost or diminished as a result of the claimant’s injury and absence from work
  • Any funeral and burial fees if a wrongful death lawsuit was filed
  • The sum required to compensate for pain and suffering or emotional and mental hardship
  • Whether the negligence was egregious enough to warrant punitive damages
  • The cost of caring for victims who are disabled or whose quality of life will be permanently lowered

Our lawyers can advise you on the best medical care to get to support the validity of your claim because not all medical care is valued equally. Of course, your injury’s severity will determine your available treatment alternatives.

Injury Type Impacts Settlement Amount

Hanover County was reported as one of 10 counties with the most fatalities in 2021. Every year, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) conducts research on collisions and presents specifics on trends. The most frequent wounds resulting from trucking accidents this year are:

  • Soft tissue injuries like whiplash or back sprains
  • Head trauma
  • Post–Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Scrapes
  • Lacerations
  • Organ damage
  • Broken bones
  • Paralysis

The type of injury you have and the type of treatment you receive significantly impact your payment, even if there is no industry standard for settlement amounts.

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How Long Does it Take to Resolve a Case Involving a Truck Accident?

Feeling pressured to reach a settlement after submitting a personal injury claim makes sense. Accidents can occasionally cause more financial injury than physical harm because treatment comes at an additional cost, and recovery compromises the claimant’s capacity to work.

Although settling a claim quickly may seem ideal, it is not necessarily a guarantee that you will receive the just compensation you are entitled to. The amount of time it takes to resolve a truck accident claim varies, but several factors can make it take longer:

  1. Factual errors or discrepancies, such as how seriously the claimant was injured
  2. Huge settlement situations that require additional research
  3. Uncertainty regarding the extent of your injuries due to a lack of medical improvement
  4. Problems establishing liability

Early consultation with your truck accident attorney serving Hanover County on the specifics of your case and your desired settlement amount can clear up any uncertainty regarding the litigation procedure. If problems surface throughout the case investigation, your attorney will talk about them and develop a specific plan to lessen the financial burden.

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Is Accepting the Initial Truck Accident Settlement Offer a Good Idea?

A personal injury lawyer will usually advise accident victims not to consent to the insurance company’s initial settlement proposal. Remember, there is very little you can do to obtain further compensation for your damages after you agree to settle on their terms. The initial payout is usually small and lets the insurer off the hook easily. 

To prevent you from receiving a lowball offer, our Virginia truck accident attorneys will present evidence of your injuries, expenses, lost wages, and an expert’s opinion regarding the long-term effects of your truck injuries. Instead of feeling pressured to accept their offer, put your faith in your semi-truck accident lawyer to estimate your damages more accurately.

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Reasons to Get a Truck Accident Lawyer

Trying to recover from a truck accident can be challenging in many circumstances. It can be too late by the time you start to consider hiring a lawyer. The earliest possible moment is when you should contact a truck accident attorney to help you with your Hanover County injury claim.

Any scenario can be improved with the help of a knowledgeable Virginia truck accident attorney from the Pendleton Law Team. Here are a few of the most significant justifications for hiring a lawyer:

There are Several Parties Involved in the Truck Collision

In truck accidents, many people are frequently involved, and several of them may share some of the blame. You will require assistance from a lawyer who can pinpoint everyone involved because truck accidents can be so intricate. We can ensure that you pursue restitution from all possible angles and safeguard your legal rights during the procedure.

You Don’t Know How to File a Personal Injury Claim

After a truck collision, a lot of details must be tracked. You’ll need to compile proof of the responsible party’s responsibility, your damages, and more. If you put this off for too long, the compensation you receive could be reduced or lost entirely.

When you meet with a truck accident attorney, you’ll have someone who can look over your case and decide where to start. You can be sure that the majority of truck accident attorneys are acting in your best interests because they typically do not charge any upfront costs and only get paid if they obtain compensation for you.

You Have Severe Damages

Following your vehicle accident, you’ll probably incur expenses like:

  • Medical costs
  • Missed wages or diminished earning potential
  • Property loss (or a totaled vehicle)
  • Damages from hardship and pain

Even though these injuries are common in car accidents, they can be particularly bad in truck accidents. Huge damage and catastrophic injuries can be brought on by large vehicles, so a lawyer can ensure that you are pursuing damages for all of your losses.

You are Unable to Work

Contact a truck accident attorney near Hanover County, VA, if your injuries could keep you from working for an extended period or in the same capacity as previously. They will assist you in determining your total lost wages and in making a claim for compensation for the way the accident has affected your capacity to support your family and yourself financially.

Insurers Are Being Unreasonable

You might have to deal with various insurance companies because there may be several parties who contributed to your accident’s causes. This can soon become unpleasant because insurance companies frequently take action to find methods to lower the amount they have to pay you.

To deal with the insurance companies on your behalf, it is best to employ a truck accident attorney as soon as possible. In this manner, your rights are safeguarded, and you are not vulnerable to exploitation.

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