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Anyone involved in a truck accident knows how terrifying the aftermath can be. As you assess your losses, you have to start weighing the cost of repairs against the other expenses that have landed on your plate.

If your accident is the result of someone else’s negligence or reckless behavior, though, you may not have to deal with those costs alone. Instead, you can work with a truck accident lawyer in Newport News to hold someone else liable for their irresponsibility.

Christina Pendleton & Associates knows how to approach truck accidents’ civil suits. When you collaborate with our team, you can overcome your recovery stress with a comprehensive accident settlement.

Contending With a Trucking Company and Accident Liability

Truck drivers aren’t the only people responsible for your safety on the road. The people who pack the truck, make the truck, repair the truck, and employ the truck driver can also bear responsibility for your losses. Determining which of these parties you can hold liable for your losses is the tricky part.

Fortunately, you can turn to a Newport News truck accident lawyer for help. We can gather evidence of negligence or reckless behavior on your behalf. If there’s limited evidence of liability at the scene of your accident, we can interview an agency’s team members and a truck’s mechanic to learn more about its care.

With a little bit of investigative work, the two of you can establish a liable party as well as a trail of evidence leading to your accident.

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What You Need to File a Truck Accident Complaint

When you take civil action against another party after a truck accident – regardless of who or what institution makes that party up – you need to have the right information on hand. In most cases, this will include the date on which your accident took place, the nature of the accident, and the extent of your related losses.

That said, you’ll also need to establish liability with the help of on-site evidence. You can work with an attorney to present notes about video footage or witness statements alongside your claim. Your complaint needs to establish a defensible correlation between another person’s alleged behavior and your losses.

Finally, be sure to elaborate on those losses in terms of their value. Submit an estimate of your potential compensation. While you won’t be able to include certain values, like punitive damages, you can reference previous truck accident cases issued throughout Virginia to get an idea of what your average settlement might look like.

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When You Need to File a Truck Accident Complaint in Virginia

According to Code of Virginia § 8.01-243(A), you’ll need to bring your claim to the attention of Virginia courts within two years of the day your accident takes place.

In that two-year period, you can collect all the evidence you feel you need to establish liability. You should also try to refute any accident-related fault reflected on you. This gets easier when you have the truck accident lawyers serving Newport News on standby.

When you file a claim, know that you don’t have to commit to time spent in a courtroom. Instead, complaints allow you to issue a summons against the party you believe to be liable for your losses. Stay on top of your own accusations of fault, and you’ll have a chance to negotiate for compensation before your case ever goes to trial.

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When to Work With a Newport News Truck Accident Attorney

Some truck accidents result in more traumatic injuries than others. If you find yourself severely limited in your ability to perform day-to-day activities, you may not have the energy to pursue a civil suit. That, however, doesn’t have to be your responsibility. Instead, you can opt to work with an experienced team like ours.

Christina Pendleton & Associates know how to maneuver you through the intricacies of the legal process. When you’re recovering from a truck accident, we can stand for you in court and gather essential paperwork on your behalf. We’ll also submit your claims and additional information within the appropriate deadlines.

In short, our team strives to make the legal process as easy as possible for you to understand. When you have a better chance of both recovering and fulfilling your rights within the letter of the law, you can fight for compensation without putting additional strain on yourself or your family.

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What to Expect From Truck Accident Compensation

The compensation you fight for in a truck accident suit can cover everything from your medical expenses to the treatment of trauma you experience. To determine which avenues for compensation you have available to you, sit down with a truck accident attorney in Newport News. Your economic and non-economic losses can both make their way into your final estimate.

The good thing about your economic losses is that they tend to come with bills. You can reference the expenses you’ve already had to deal with (and any estimates referring to future costs) to determine what kind of coverage you’ll need from a liable party.

To estimate the dollar value of your non-economic losses, you can look to precedent throughout the state of Virginia. What have other victims of truck accidents received for pain and suffering or decreased quality of life? While you can integrate your specific losses into your calculations, these previous cases can give you a jumping-off point.

Reacting to Truck Accident Settlement Offers

There’s a chance that a truck driver’s agency may reach out to you after your accident. If it appears that the truck driver or an agency affiliate bears the responsibility for your losses, the company may attempt to make you a settlement offer.

Settlement offers resemble the compensation you might otherwise receive in a court case. However, most companies issue these offers in an attempt to avoid the press associated with a civil court case. While you can accept a settlement offer, too, note that a company may attempt to use an initially large number to overwhelm you.

If you’re unhappy with your settlement offer, you can contact one of the attorneys with our office. We can go over an offer with you and calculate a comparative number based on your losses. If the need arises, we can negotiate for a better settlement on your behalf. Alternatively, we can move your case to trial.

Truck Accidents Don’t Have to Control Your Life

Like semi-trucks themselves, the aftermath of a truck accident can feel too large for you and your loved ones to handle. Trying to tackle your new bills and limitations alone can leave you frustrated. Whether it’s your injuries or the financial strain that gets to you, we’re here to help.

That’s why Newport News, VA, truck accident lawyers want to make your recovery more manageable. When you schedule a free case consultation with Christina Pendleton & Associates, you set yourself up for legal success. Call or contact us online today to learn more about what we can do for you.

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