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Truck drivers are responsible for more than just the well-being of their cargo while they’re on the road. The size of the average truck puts all private drivers at risk. A driver operating on too little sleep or without appropriate truck maintenance can cause a variety of terrible accidents.

Recovering from a truck accident takes more than time. These accidents can be costly. The average truck accident can result in medical bills, property damage, and long-term emotional trauma. Fortunately, Christina Pendleton & Associates can help you recover. A truck accident lawyer in Virginia Beach, VA, can walk you through your post-accident rights.

Truck Drivers, Trucking Companies, and Liability After an Accident

Truck drivers face a challenging task when they hit the road. They’re not the only ones in charge of the safety of their vehicles, though. A truck driver’s team consists of manufacturers, mechanics, packers, and supervisors, all of whom owe drivers on the road a duty of care.

Any member of that team who violates a driver’s duty of care can be held responsible for a roadway accident. Determining which of those parties is liable can be trickier than it seems, though. Fortunately, you can work with our personal injury attorneys to assess evidence at the scene of an accident as well as in a truck driver’s logs.

Note that truck accidents that allegedly involve the use of illegal substances do still qualify as civil cases. However, any truck driver or other parties found using illegal substances behind the wheel may face additional consequences for their behavior. You can discuss how illegal substances may change your civil case with our team today.

Other Liable Parties Involved in Truck Accidents

As mentioned, there are a variety of different parties that may be held liable for your losses in a trucking accident. That said, not all these parties need to be affiliated with the trucking agency. While manufacturers, packers, and even shift managers may bear the responsibility for your damages, you can also look to:

  • Government employees who didn’t repair the roads
  • Construction crews who used inappropriate safety equipment
  • Pedestrians who didn’t consider the risk of interacting with a truck
  • Independent drivers who negligently compromised a truck driver’s safety

In accidents where liability seems unclear, turn to our team. We can work with law enforcement representatives to determine why an accident occurred. In turn, we can establish liability through on-the-scene evidence and witness statements.

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Addressing a Trucking Company’s Settlement Offer

Truck drivers are not independent entities on the road. Some may work for a specific chain. Others may work for a trucking agency. Either way, most truck drivers are represented by a larger institution. As such, anyone looking to bring a legal suit against a truck driver may have to contend with a company’s legal team instead.

Those legal teams can often offer injured parties settlement offers. Settlement offers are designed to both compensate you for your losses and limit the amount of time a particular company has to spend in court.

Unfortunately, not all settlement offers are comprehensive. You can assess any offer made to you with help from one of the truck accident attorneys in Virginia Beach, VA. If you’d like to argue for a more comprehensive settlement, we can represent you. We’ll also stand with you if negotiations fall through.

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Requesting Compensation After a Truck Accident in Virginia Beach

When it comes time to pay your bills after a truck accident, you may find yourself overwhelmed by the demands placed on your wallet. Fortunately, you can request compensation for the losses you endure related to your accident.

When compiling your legal complaint, you can include a wide variety of losses within your estimated compensation. These can include:

  • Medical expenses related to your accident
  • Vehicular damage and repairs
  • The cost of a temporary rental vehicle
  • Psychological counseling or support
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of companionship
  • Wrongful death
  • Funeral expenses

You can refer to other truck accident complaints filed throughout Virginia to learn more about your avenues for compensation. Let a truck accident lawyer in Virginia Beach trawl the archives, and your bills may soon be a thing of the past.

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What to Expect From a Truck Accident Case Consultation

Whether you want to negotiate for compensation or take your case to trial, you need to submit a complaint. Truck accident complaints can give you the backing you need to emphasize the correlation between a liable party and your losses.

You can work with our office to clarify your damages and liability in a complaint. Once you’re ready, we’ll help you file your claim within Virginia’s statute of limitations. 

Code of Virginia §8.01-243 gives you two years to act on your losses. We can work with you to gather all the documents essential to your complaint within that deadline. All the while, you can focus on your individual recovery.

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Let Our Legal Team Take Care of Your Concerns

Going up against a trucking agency’s legal team can seem like a daunting task. If you’re still in the midst of your post-accident recovery, it may even seem impossible. That, however, is where Christina Pendleton & Associates comes into play.

Our team has worked with over 80,000 since we began serving Virginia. Not only can we help you submit a truck accident claim, but we can walk with you until the claim reaches its conclusion. This means that we can:

  • Mediate with other parties on your behalf
  • Calculate and recalculate your potential compensation
  • Represent you in cases that go to trial
  • Speak and gather witness statements
  • Collaborate with law enforcement to bring together evidence

If you’re concerned about the legal fees associated with our work, don’t be. Our firm operates on contingency. You can learn more about our contingency fee agreements when you schedule a consultation with our team.

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The aftermath of a truck accident takes up a significant amount of time and mental energy. Don’t try to combat both your fatigue and Virginia’s complex legal system alone. Our team understands how to approach your case and can help you fight for the financial support you deserve after a truck accident.

To learn more about how Virginia’s trucking laws may apply to your case, contact us online.

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