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According to the American Transportation Association, public transportation is an 80 billion dollar industry. With gas prices currently soaring, the Virginia Department of Rail and Transportation reported that roughly 47 percent of commuters use the bus monthly.

While mass transit aims to transport its passengers safely, that’s not always the case. For those injured in a bus accident in Virginia Beach, Pendleton Law firm is experienced in taking legal action against busing companies and government municipalities to cover your damages.

Ways to Strengthen Your Bus Accident Case

Accidents fall under the scope of personal injury, in which a civil case must be filed for the victims to collect compensation. Even when the fault is assigned to the driver, obtaining a fair settlement against a government entity is no small feat.

Lowball offers and invasive protocol may deter you from pursuing a large settlement. Still, following the steps below, a personal injury attorney can build a strong defense to win your claim. Follow these steps immediately after experiencing a bus accident:

Schedule a Doctor’s Visit

Insurance companies often minimize bus accident injury claims due to buses being heavier and less likely to feel serious crash forces, but only a medical professional can evaluate the impact that a wreck takes on a person’s body. Don’t skip seeking medical attention even if you feel fine.

Take Pictures for Evidence of Injury and Damage

Taking photos after a crash is crucial for insurance and your attorney to quantify the costs of your settlement. Photos or videos of injury and damages or even footage before or during the crash can help strengthen your claim.

Get Contact Information From Everyone Involved

This may not be possible if you are severely injured, but gathering contact information from witnesses, victims, and the driver helps your attorney prepare a defense statement. If passengers or witnesses saw something that you didn’t, their perspective will reveal negligence.

Don’t Reveal That You Are Not Injured When Filing a Report

Once the police arrive, don’t admit that you are not injured. At the moment, you can state that you don’t know and will be seeking a medical examination to determine your injuries.

Never Post to Social Media

Be selective when posting online. Openly discussing your case, injuries, property losses, names, etc., can expose you to scrutiny and weaken your claim when an investigation takes place. Social media monitoring will be used by insurance to invalidate aspects of your case.

Be Prepared for a Lengthy Legal Process

Depending one amount of people injured, the severity of their injuries, and what their property losses are, the investigation may be a long process. A thorough examination of medical records, victim statements, and traffic cams may be used.

Once hired, your lawyer will be by your side to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding your claim. It is best practice not to speak to anyone outside of your attorney regarding your case.

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How Much Is a Bus Accident Claim Worth?

A bus accident that leads to life-changing injuries is worth more than an incident that leads to a sprain. There is no minimum or maximum set amount that a bus accident can pay out, but the factors that determine your amount are usually the same.

These factors will determine how much the courts will award for your settlement payout:

If you would like a detailed estimate of how much your bus accident settlement is worth, our Virginia Beach accident lawyers can review your case file and medical records to disclose an exact amount.

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Common Causes of Bus Accidents in Virginia Beach

A bus accident can occur for any reason. The Department of Motor Vehicles in Virginia releases a report each year to disclose comprehensive facts of every reported motor vehicle accident that has happened. The report revealed that “no improper action” by the driver  is common but here are a few others:

  • Defective bus
  • Distracted driving
  • Uneven weight distribution
  • Improper handling
  • Limited visibility
  • Inclement weather
  • Lack of bus maintenance
  • Hazardous road conditions

There are nuances to some of these reasons but an experienced attorney will know how to navigate past the complexities of each instance. The goal is to hold the responsible party accountable whether that be the manufacturer, the driver, or the mechanic.

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Determining Fault in a Bicycle Accident

Did you know that Virginia Beach evaluates contributory negligence when determining fault in a bus accident? This means that if anyone injured contributed to the accident at all, then you no longer qualify to file a claim for your injuries.

If you were involved in a bus accident and there is a chance that any of it is your fault, consult with our accident attorneys in Virginia Beach immediately. They will assess your case and advise you of any conflicts that may prevent you from winning your bus accident settlement.

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Is Hiring a Bus Accident Lawyer Necessary?

Bus accidents are more complex than regular auto accidents. Sometimes, the at-fault party isn’t the driver or a pedestrian, it could be the manufacturer’s defective equipment. Investigating negligence is hard, especially when you have limited time and financial resources.

An accident attorney will have a team of legal experts on your case, ready to provide the best legal representation a client could ask for. Our firm is well versed in personal injury law and has extensive commercial regulation and traffic law knowledge.

Win Your Virginia Beach Bus Accident Settlement

The lawyers of Christina Pendleton & Associates provide experienced legal counsel to victims of bus accidents in Virginia Beach. From offering a free consultation to filing the claim before the two-year statute of limitations deadline, our attorneys are here to help at every stage.

Instead of dealing with complex legal procedures or being intimidated by government entities, allow us to fight for you while you recover. Schedule your case evaluation today.

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