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Bus accidents in Charlottesville, Virginia, have been on the rise and continue to place pedestrians, passengers, and other motorists at risk for severe injuries or fatalities even though they are operated by trained drivers. For certain types of personal injury cases in Charlottesville, an attorney may need to advise you of settlement caps, so seeking legal help can be beneficial.

The Pendleton Law Team is staffed with a compassionate group of bus accident lawyers who help Charlottesville injury victims pursue legal action. Your options may be limited by the state, but they should never be limited by the insurance company’s standards. Our firm offers a free, no-risk consultation to go over your case and explore what alternatives may be available to you after a bus crash.

Do’s and Don’ts Following a Bus Accident

There is a standard operating procedure to follow after a collision, no matter what type of vehicle accident occurs. By following or avoiding the following suggestions, you will put yourself in the best position to obtain a fair settlement following a bus collision.

  • Do contact the police and file a detailed report 
  • Don’t overshare, lie, or speculate on what you think happened
  • Do take pictures or record the aftermath of the accident
  • Don’t badger the driver or others involved, remain calm and collect information on the environment only
  • Do seek medical attention immediately afterward
  • Don’t withhold the accident from the doctor or skip any of the treatment suggestions given
  • Do contact your insurance company if your car was hit by a bus and advise them of the collision details
  • Don’t speak to an insurance adjuster before speaking with a licensed bus accident attorney in Virginia

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Rely on the Accuracy of Legal Professionals and Experts

Working with a bus accident lawyer after your Charlottesville bus collision will improve the outcome of your case because you will have industry experts and legal professionals managing every aspect of it. While you navigate life changes and physical and emotional recovery, our team will oversee the following:

Investigative Process

In the event that you are unable to gather evidence, such as photos of the accident scene or witness contact information, our lawyers will request the official crash report from the Virginia Police Department. Additionally, we may be able to request traffic camera footage to obtain accident details and identify witnesses by vehicle plate numbers. 

Settlement Configuration

The average bus accident settlement may have a cap on how much can be awarded, but it typically tends to be higher than traditional vehicle collisions. Your settlement is designed to cover medical expenses, missed wages, pain and suffering, and property damage. If needed, our personal injury lawyers work with vocational and medical experts to estimate your case’s value. 

Having a qualified team of professionals manage the evidence gathering, settlement negotiations, strategy preparation, and other legal tasks will provide you with advantages that pro se litigation wouldn’t offer. While it is allowed for you to represent yourself, remember that bus companies have lawyers and may stall or invalidate your claim for their benefit.

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Maximize Your Settlement By Minimizing the Risk of Missing a Deadline

Did you know that you could forfeit your eligibility for compensation if your claim is not filed in time? Trying to stay ahead of deadlines while healing may postpone your recovery. Instead, experience the convenience of having your personal injury claim filed by us before the deadline expires. 

Virginia has a two-year window in which to file a personal injury lawsuit. According to Code of Virginia 8.01-243, victims must file a claim no later than two years after the date the bus accident occurred to be eligible for compensation. Our firm can guarantee that your legal documents will be filed before the deadline, eliminating the risk of forfeiting a payout.

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Trust Fault-Finding Legal Professionals To Assign Accident Responsibility

When it comes to finding fault in any collision case, an investigation will be conducted to piece together if a fatigued driver, reckless action, shared fault, or any other circumstances were to blame. It is crucial to have a lawyer who is familiar with bus regulations on the scene to uncover key points needed to corroborate your story. 

There may be multiple at-fault parties, such as:

  • The business or entity that owns the bus
  • Other motorists
  • The business or institution that provided the school bus driver’s training
  • The bus driver
  • The maker of school buses or a supplier of auto parts
  • A particular district 
  • A government organization that disregarded a traffic hazard or other hazardous condition

 Following your Charlottesville bus wreck, it is advised to quickly retain a bus crash attorney so that they can work alongside an insurance adjuster. The longer that you wait to hire a lawyer, the more leverage you give the bus insurance agency to offer you a lowball settlement. 

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Consider the Benefits of Having Legal Representation After a Bus Accident

It is essential to have a knowledgeable and committed legal team on your side if you or a loved one has been injured in a bus accident so that you can get the settlement and justice to which you are entitled to. Our team is dedicated to offering their clients individualized and empathetic care in addition to their legal knowledge. 

We are available to provide direction, support, and reassurance throughout the legal process because they are aware of the worry and anxiety that go along with being involved in a bus accident. You deserve a legal team of “Heavy Hitters®” that will tenaciously defend your interests and assist you in recovering compensation.

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The Pendleton Law Team has bus collision lawyers that are dedicated to offering excellent legal assistance to bus accident victims in Charlottesville, VA. Our staff is skilled at managing commercial injury cases, including those involving bus accidents. Contact us today to initiate your pursuit of legal action.

We are aware of the devastating effects a bus accident can have on a victim and their family, both physically and financially, so our firm provides legal services on a contingency-fee-basis. You will never pay a retainer or any hidden fees. We will discuss our rate with you during the first consultation and only charge you for legal representation if we win your case.

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