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Every part of your life could be negatively impacted by a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Many victims may need ongoing medical treatment, therapy, or 24-hour care to help them with everyday tasks, placing a burden on your family’s budget as a whole.

Other TBI victims suffer significant financial losses as a result of their inability to find new employment. It is imperative that you contact a brain injury attorney serving Virginia Beach at Pendleton Law so they can evaluate the full extent of your damage and pursue just compensation on your behalf.

A Traumatic Brain Injury: What Is It?

A serious hit to the head or body coupled with a sudden shock frequently results in traumatic brain damage. A gunshot or another object traveling through the brain tissues might potentially cause it. Damage to your brain tissue may result in bleeding, tissue damage, or even death.

The severity of the symptoms of brain damage will depend on the severity of the injury. Here are a few indicators of brain damage:

  • Cognitive problems, such as confusion
  • Difficulties with memory and problem-solving
  • Amnesia
  • Faulty judgment
  • Loss of awareness of space and time
  • Motor impairments, including poor coordination and balance
  • Social issues including controlling conduct or grasping social interactions
  • Difficulty getting dressed, taking a shower, and other everyday tasks
  • Paralysis
  • Weakness
  • Trembling
  • difficulty swallowing
  • Behavioral shifts
  • Seizures
  • Alterations in regulating processes like incontinence or appetite loss
  • reduced endurance
  • Perception or emotional impairments, such as changes in taste, smell, touch, or hearing, as well as lack of or heightened sensation

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Causation of a Traumatic Brain Injury

There are numerous situations where an injury could result in a concussion or other TBIs. The signs and symptoms of any ailment might be modest to severe. Our Virginia Beach head injury lawyers take on instances resulting from:

  • Workplace incidents
  • Medical negligence
  • Slip and fall occurrence
  • Boating mishaps
  • Skiing accidents
  • Auto collisions

Brain injury can happen when the brain is directly and abruptly impacted. While seeking legal counsel won’t be able to repair the damage, it will assist in carrying out treatment or other actions.

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When an Insurance Adjuster Makes a Settlement Offer to You

In Virginia Beach, insurance companies take advantage of accident victims by lowering, delaying, or outright rejecting their compensation. In this case, a personal injury attorney from our firm can make progress by intervening and advocating for fair compensation.

Insurance companies operate for profit. They won’t provide anything close to a reasonable price unless they are forced to since they don’t want to lose money. You can advise them that you need more time to consider and we will strategize the value of your claim during a free consultation.

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Settlements for a Traumatic Brain Injury in Virginia

A lawsuit is a technique of enforcing justice through accountability and compensation when an accident or act of wrongdoing happens. Your chances of receiving full compensation for the following will enhance if you hire a brain injury lawyer serving Virginia Beach:

Restitution Damages

Your settlement package can be adjusted to account for any costs you or your family suffered as a result of your TBI. These losses could include missed pay, diminished income, medical expenses, and pain and suffering.

Punitive Damages

If the party responsible for your injuries engaged in gross carelessness, the judge may impose punitive damages as punishment to deter future incidents of the same kind.

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Opposing Arguments in a Traumatic Brain Injury Case

Insurance companies are pressured to assign blame to the victim or other parties in order to avoid paying out. They frequently attempt to place blame on the victim, which costs them a substantial amount of money in compensation.

You need an experienced legal team to defend you against these accusations, one that will gather credible witnesses and craft a solid case to back up your claims.

Do I Need a Lawyer to sue for Traumatic Brain Injury?

Retaining the services of a reputable lawyer should be one of your first steps if you or a loved one has severe brain damage. Your quality of life and finances may continue to suffer if you fail to submit your claim by the deadline or accept a meager offer from the insurance provider.

You shouldn’t rely on luck with your claim. An experienced Virginia Beach brain injury attorney will fight to obtain the money you need for support while you’re recovering so you can support your family.

When Should I Contact a Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney?

The optimum circumstances are often ones in which we can start looking into your accident as soon as possible. Delaying your consultation with your Virginia Beach brain injury lawyer can make things more challenging to prove. 

To address your issues and evaluate your case, we provide a free consultation. The attorneys at Christina Pendleton & Associates work on a contingency basis, so you won’t be charged a fee until we are successful in obtaining the compensation you are entitled to. 

To review your claim and determine the best course of action for recovering every dollar you are due, contact us right away.

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