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If you’ve ever hit your head in an accident and blacked out briefly, you’ve received a brain injury. Brain injuries happen more than you think in car accidents, slip and falls, and other accidents. You need a lawyer familiar with brain injuries to ensure you get the compensation you need. Pendleton Law can help you.

Our personal injury lawyers in Petersburg have helped victims in Petersburg win their brain injury cases so they can pay for the care they need. Brains rarely heal on their own, and you may need years of medical care to restore your lost functionality. We hold the people who gave you your injury responsible.

Signs of Brain Injuries

One of the most insidious parts of a brain injury case is that the symptoms can take a long time to appear. The damaged part of your brain can grow over time as cells die off after your accident. Early detection is vital to limit the spread of the damage and preserve your mind and body.

Blacking out after an accident is a huge warning sign that you need a brain examination. Even if it’s for the briefest of moments, see a doctor and tell them you blacked out. An X-ray, CT scan, or MRI can locate damage and tell your doctor what to do next.

Also, look for changes in behavior, mood, nerve function, and your ability to think clearly and concentrate after your accident. Brain injury may be the source of these changes. By reporting these symptoms to a doctor, you can get treatment, and you can raise the value of your case when you sue.

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How a Brain Injury Lawyer Can Help You

If someone else’s negligence caused your brain injury, they are responsible for paying for the damages. A brain injury accident investigates who caused your brain injury and represents you to help you get money after your brain injury accident.

They perform investigations and gather evidence to prove to insurance companies and courts that you’re owed compensation. The law allows many ways you could get compensation after an accident, and your lawyer will investigate them all to see if they apply to your case.

Once they build the case, they go to the insurance companies to fight for what you’re owed. If your lawyer can reach a fair settlement, you get paid. If not, then your case will go to trial and a judge and jury will decide whether you deserve compensation and how much. Your lawyer will represent you at trial.

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What Happens if You Don’t Use a Brain Injury Lawyer?

The insurance companies would prefer to pay you as little as possible after the accident, and they’ll try to find ways to prove it. They could also try to persuade you to settle for a lower amount up front, sometimes even when you’re in the hospital.

Never agree to anything from an insurance company without a lawyer. Do not sign paperwork or give a statement. Say only the truth of the matter and do not exaggerate or understate what happened to you. Once you have a lawyer, you can refer the insurance company to them while you recover.

The worst situation is getting nothing from your accident, and this is a possibility under Virginia’s contributory negligence system. An insurance company could try to say you’re partially at fault for your accident and try to pay you nothing. All the more reason to have a lawyer experienced in brain injury cases on your side.

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How Do You Pay for a Brain Injury Attorney in Petersburg?

If you go with the Pendleton Law Team, you will owe us nothing unless you win your case. We have the resources to pursue your case all the way to trial with no fee. If you win, you will pay us on a contingency fee system.

A contingency fee is a reasonable percentage of your total winnings based on the challenge of your case and how far we need to take it to win. If you lose your case, you owe us nothing. Paying us is contingent upon you winning your case.

If we believe your brain injury accident qualifies for compensation, we will explain to you or your representative how our fee system works. Contingency fees let everyone have access to brain injury representation, no matter what their financial situation is. Plus, consultations are free.

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What Happens During a Legal Consultation?

A consultation is like a job interview that goes both ways. On our side, we need to feel confident that you have a case and that it’s worth enough money to justify our services. We interview you about what happened and examine any evidence you bring to make that call.

From your side, you need to feel confident that we can help you get the result you want. Not all lawyers want to take cases to trial, or have experience working on cases with your kind of injury. It is wise to consult with multiple attorneys, especially for high-value cases like a brain injury.

Anything you say in a consultation will be confidential, and there is no obligation to choose a lawyer that you’ve consulted with. When both sides are comfortable, you’ll sign a contract defining the terms of the agreement and your lawyer works for you.

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You have two years from the date of your accident to file your lawsuit, and you don’t want to wait till the last minute. Your future depends on a good settlement. As soon as you’ve been diagnosed with a brain injury, contact our brain injury lawyers in Petersburg.

Pendleton Law is ready to hear your story. Schedule a free consultation by calling our offices or sending us an email through our website. You’ll learn your legal options and help you get the compensation you deserve. We can also do remote consultations if you’re still in the hospital and coherent enough to hold a conversation.

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