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Petersburg Truck Accident Lawyer

Although truck accidents do not occur as commonly as accidents involving automobiles, the damage is much more catastrophic when these massive vehicles get involved in collisions. The severity of injuries can lead to thousands of dollars in property damage and even the loss of life.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a serious truck-related wreck due to another party’s negligence, get the help you need from a highly experienced Petersburg truck accident attorney. We’ll help you fight for fair compensation, whether through a settlement or lawsuit result.

Why Are Truck Crashes So Dangerous?

If you think back to high school, remember the equation force = mass x acceleration? This is why truck crashes are so dangerous. Commercial trucks are far heavier than passenger vehicles. If they hit you, or you hit them, the force is far greater.

That’s not the only reason though. In tractor-trailers, the trailers can be high enough off the roadway that they don’t hit your front bumper. If there are no guardrails, you could end up hitting them with your windshield first. This is often fatal.

A truck doesn’t have to be speeding to cause an incredible amount of damage. This is why drivers of commercial trucks take special training and get medical clearance. Still, this only reduces the chances of a crash.

Common Types of Truck Accidents

Commercial trucks have some accidents that are unique to these large vehicles, or at least are far more dangerous. Some of the common truck accidents include:


When a trailer swings out to one side and collides with other vehicles, often from the tractor-trailer stopping suddenly. If the trailer swings out too far and back in, it can jam the truck and keep it from moving.

Load Drop

Inadequately secured cargo on trucks can come loose and spill onto the roadway or other vehicles.Some trucks carry extremely heavy loads that can crush other vehicles or create road debris that must be dodged.


When truck drivers lose control of their vehicles, they can tip over onto one side or completely roll from one side to another. Any car in the rollover’s path could be crushed. This kind of accident happens more on curves, which is why there are special signs warning trucks of a rollover risk.

Blind Spots

Trucks have large and multiple blind spots that block a driver’s view of the road and other vehicles. Trucks use special mirrors to help with some of this, but they cannot see everything because the trucks are so long.

If you deliberately drive in a truck’s blind spot, that could make you liable in an accident. Many trailers carry warnings on the back about the dangers of blind spots on big vehicles. Heed these carefully! 

Why Hire a Truck Accident Lawyer in Petersburg, VA?

One of our Petersburg truck accident lawyers can help by handling the aftermath of a truck accident. In addition to your physical injuries, the collision may cause post-traumatic stress and an unexpected financial burden. 

Hiring an injury attorney to advocate on your behalf can protect you from insurance companies that wish to settle for as little money as possible. They will try to take advantage of your situation to keep you from getting what you truly deserve.

It’s not always possible to negotiate a fair insurance claim settlement. Sometimes, filing a personal injury lawsuit against the at-fault driver or the trucking company may be the best course of action. If a lawsuit becomes necessary, an experienced truck accident lawyer will be familiar with what it takes to build a strong case and win in court.

Who Do I Sue After My Truck Accident in Petersburg? 

In a commercial vehicle crash, there are several potential parties you could sue. There’s the driver, their employer, the manufacturer of the truck, the truck’s mechanic, and others. Part of the task of our truck accident lawyers is to find out who is most liable for a crash.

Targeting the wrong party wastes time and money, so we do it right. Our Petersburg, VA, truck accident attorneys will carefully gather evidence and get depositions from people to find out who needs to pay for what happened. Then, we will build a case to get a fair settlement.

Truck Accident Statistics

The following large truck accident statistics reported by the U.S. Department of Transportation are for the year 2017:

  • There were approximately 450,000 police-reported accidents involving large trucks.
  • Of the police-reported truck accidents, 4,237 (1%) were fatal and 344,000 (23%) were injury crashes.
  • 20% of all fatal crashes were single-vehicle accidents (for example, those involving a bicyclist, pedestrian, non-motorized vehicle, etc.), whereas 63% of fatal large truck accidents involved two vehicles.
  • 35% of all fatal truck accidents and 22% of all injury crashes took place at night.
  • Rollover accidents were responsible for 4% of all fatal crashes involving large trucks and 3% of all nonfatal crashes.
  • At least one large truck was involved in 30% of work zone fatal crashes and 12% of work zone injury crashes.
  • 82% of fatalities from accidents involving large trucks were not occupants of the truck.

All this is clear evidence about the dangers of these vehicles. They’re vital for transporting goods across the country, but because they operate on public roads, there is always a risk of an accident.

Why Hire Our Truck Accident Attorneys in Petersburg?

If you don’t want to accept an insurance company’s lowball settlement offer and want a Petersburg truck accident attorney on your side, you want to ensure you’re working with the best team to protect your best interests. When you work with us:

  • We take on truck accident cases with no expectation of payment unless we win.
  • We will protect your claim against insurance companies who only want to take advantage of you
  • We come equipped with the resources needed to take on large insurance companies, and win.

Contact a Petersburg Truck Accident Lawyer Today

Our legal team at Pendleton Law will move quickly to secure all the evidence we need to build your case. You can be sure that as soon as a trucking company hears about a crash, they’ll have their own lawyers get to work.

Don’t let them steamroll your claim. Contact our truck accident lawyers in Petersburg, VA, today by calling us at the number on your screen or through our online contact form to schedule a free case consultation.