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The days after a truck accident can be as harrowing as the crash itself. If you find yourself staring down medical bills, property damage, or conditions like PTSD, you’ll want to know whether or not there are ways for you to make your life easier again.

Our Chesapeake personal injury lawyers who handle truck accidents can help you assess your circumstances and hold the liable parties accountable for your damages. The Pendleton Law Team has over 12 years of experience and is ready to hear your side of the story and help you recover compensation.

Understanding Your Financial Options After a Truck Accident in Chesapeake

Your post-truck crash recovery puts a lot of demands on your finances. As you research how best to cope with new injuries and losses, you may find yourself wondering if there’s a way to mitigate these expenses.

You do have options. Virginia is a fault-based state. This means that after a commercial truck accident, insurers will determine whether one party or another contributed to the incident as a whole.

The party assigned fault for your losses will then have to work with their insurer to compensate for the injured party’s losses.

That said, you also have the right to pursue civil action after a truck crash. If you believe negligence contributed to your losses, or if an insurance company settlement doesn’t seem sufficient, you can work with our truck accident attorneys who represent truck accident victims in Chesapeake to file a personal injury claim. We’re here to answer any questions you have.

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Virginia’s Truck Accident Statute of Limitations

You do not have unlimited amounts of time to file for post-truck accident compensation. Instead, Virginia gives injured parties a filing deadline. According to Code of Virginia § 8.01-243, you must submit a comprehensive truck accident complaint to Virginia courts within two years.

A truck accident lawyer who handles cases in Chesapeake can make this deadline more manageable. You can manage your physical recovery while relying on an attorney to contact witnesses and calculate your damages.

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Establishing Truck Accident Liability

It’s difficult to file a complaint if you don’t know who to hold accountable for your losses. There are a few different parties that may be liable for the alleged negligence in a truck crash. For example, liability could fall to:

  • The packers who put the truck over local weight limits.
  • The truck’s manufacturer failed to update old parts.
  • The truck’s mechanic failed to spot significant damage.
  • The driver’s trucking company overworking their driver.

A fault may also lie with the truck drivers themselves for practices such as distracted driving. Exhaustion is understandable when drivers are behind the wheel of a long-hauler.

But these conditions do not excuse a driver from their essential duty of care while on the road. You can work with truck accident lawyers who handle cases in Chesapeake to determine which of these parties, or others, you want to hold accountable for your losses.

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Understanding Contributory Negligence’s Role in a Truck Crash Case

There are state statutes that may prevent you from establishing comprehensive liability, though. Virginia has a ruling known as contributory negligence, which is further detailed in Code of Virginia § 8.01-58.

The party you wish to hold liable for your losses may argue that you contributed to your losses, effectively forcing you to take on some of the faults. If the opposing party can prove this, you lose all opportunities to pursue compensation.

You can discuss contributory negligence with our legal team before filing a complaint. Depending on the circumstances of your truck accident, there may be other ways for you to fight for compensation.

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Fighting for Truck Accident Compensation in Chesapeake

You’ve established liability and gathered evidence supporting your claim. Now, it’s time to highlight your financial concerns. When considering what kind of compensation you may be entitled to after an accident, Chesapeake truck accident lawyers calculate both your economic and non-economic losses.

There are two main categories of damages in personal injury cases: economic damages and non-economic damages. Economic Damages are tangible monetary losses that can be easily calculated. Some examples of economic damages in truck crashes include:

  • Past and future medical bills for treatment, surgeries, medications, and therapies
  • Lost wages from missing time at work due to injuries
  • Property damage to the vehicle that was struck
  • Future lost earning capacity if the injuries limit employment options

Non-economic damages compensate for non-monetary losses that are harder to assign a dollar figure to. Examples of non-economic damages in truck accidents include:

  • Pain and suffering experienced from injuries sustained
  • Mental anguish caused by the injuries and recovery process
  • Disfigurement or scarring
  • Loss of enjoyment of life if hobbies or activities can no longer be done
  • Loss of consortium or companionship if injuries negatively impact family relationships

You can work with a legal representative from our law firm to determine not only what post-accident factors you’re contending with but also what the dollar value of those losses looks like. In turn, you can present your estimated compensation to a court and request the compensation you deserve.

Our Team Works on a Contingency Fee

Many people don’t take legal action after an accident because they’re concerned about the expense on top of the medical expenses and other bills. The Pendleton Law Team recognizes this and strives to break down the barriers that might keep someone from receiving the compensation they deserve.

With that in mind, you can benefit from long-term representation without worrying about legal fees. Our personal injury firm only charges you if we win your case. Even then, our contingency policy allows you to pay what legal fees you do have with the compensation you’ve just won.

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Truck crashes don’t just threaten to keep you off the road. If you’ve been injured or lost the opportunity to work, these accidents can put both you and your family in a precarious financial position. That, however, is where The Pendleton Law Team comes in.

Our team of experienced truck accident attorneys who help injured people in Chesapeake works on contingency. If you’re ready to fight for the post-accident compensation you deserve, get in touch with our team. You can call our office or use our online contact form to schedule a case consultation today.

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