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Today’s roadways are more dangerous than they have ever been. While motorists benefit from some additional protections behind the wheel, motorcyclists have to proceed with caution. Motorcycle accidents can result in significant property damage, long-lasting injuries, and trauma for everyone involved.

The cost of these losses doesn’t have to overwhelm you. Instead, you can turn to Christina Pendleton & Associates. Our Virginia Beach, VA, motorcycle accident attorneys operate on contingency to give you the best chance of winning the financial support you need.

Motorcycle Accidents as Personal Injury Accidents

While motorcycle accidents come with their own intricacies, they fall under the broader category of personal injuries. This means that you can work with a personal injury attorney to address the losses you endured.

More specifically, this means that motorcycle accidents may involve either negligence or deliberate recklessness. If you want to bring such a case before a county clerk, you need to note which force played the larger role in your losses.

In turn, you can elaborate on a duty of care. The duty of care owed to motorcyclists on the road requires that drivers and all other parties strive to keep cyclists safe. All parties should act reasonably and abide by roadway laws. Behavior that falls outside of the law or that appears unreasonable can endanger you – and make someone else liable for your losses.

Liability in Virginia Beach Motorcycle Accidents

Speaking of liability: you can use the lens of duty of care to assess liability at the scene of your accident. When you consider who on the road bore some reasonable responsibility for your well-being, you can determine who may hold the most fault for your damages.

The party liable in a motorcycle accident case isn’t always another driver, though. Other parties that you can bring up in a civil claim include:

  • Government officials
  • Construction crews
  • A motorcycle manufacturer
  • A motorcycle mechanic
  • A truck driver’s loading team, manufacturer, or mechanic
  • Nearby pedestrians

Don’t think you have to tackle the task of assigning liability alone. When you work with our office, you can count on a Virginia Beach motorcycle accident attorney to give you a hand.

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Insurance Versus Civil Claims: What to Expect

When you file an insurance claim in Virginia, you expect your provider to help you cope with your losses. The support that an insurer can offer you differs from that you can receive in a civil claim, though.

For starters, Virginia is an at-fault state. This means that motorists involved in an accident, including motorcyclists, can work with their providers to determine if one party bears more fault than the other. The party deemed liable for an accident must allow the injured party to pursue compensation through the liable party’s coverage.

In a civil suit, the determination of fault is much the same. However, the injured party can target either the liable party’s insurer or the liable party, themselves. In turn, you can request compensation for losses not covered by an insurer. In cases involving gross negligence or unreasonably behavior, a court may even add punitive damages to your compensation.

The Statute of Limitations of Civil Claims in Virginia

Code of Virginia §8.01-243 describes the state’s statute of limitations on civil claims. If you want to bring a motorcycle accident case forward, you’ll need to submit your claim within Virginia’s two-year deadline.

Unfortunately, residents who don’t abide by the state’s statute of limitations will not benefit from the allowances offered by Virginia Beach’s civil courts. You cannot request compensation for your losses if you try to file a claim outside of this deadline.

Complaints don’t automatically lead to trials. Instead, you can submit your complaint to get the legal backing you need to request compensation. Our attorneys can manage either negotiations or a trial for your case. All the while, we’ll work to ensure you have every opportunity to fight for post-accident financial support.

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Your Average Motorcycle Accident Settlement

Before you kick off your motorcycle complaint, you may ask yourself: what does the average motorcycle accident settlement look like? The truth is that there is no such thing as an average settlement. Instead, each motorcycle accident case differs depending on the circumstances that led to the accident.

That said, you can and should estimate what your compensation may look like ahead of time. This is easiest to do when you have Virginia Beach motorcycle accident attorneys on hand. First, break your losses down into economic and non-economic categories. Then, use receipts or previous motorcycle accident cases to back your estimate. 

You can then present your requested compensation in your complaint and see how a county clerk might modify it. You can also explore the different ways to increase your personal injury settlement in a case consultation.

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How a Virginia Beach Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Can Help You

Sometimes, the hardest part of a motorcycle accident is contending with what comes after it. The aftermath of these accidents can leave you financially distressed, injured, and unsure of how to proceed. That, however, is why our team strives to make your recovery simpler.

When you connect with our personal injury lawyers, you let someone else take on the burden of a motorcycle accident case. Not only does our staff work on contingency, but we can also:

  • Reach out and gather witness statements
  • Communicate with an allegedly-liable party
  • Help you meet essential deadlines
  • Gather evidence to support liability and loss claims
  • Represent your fight in and out of court

In other words, the Christina Pendleton & Associates team can spearhead your accident claim while you focus on your day-to-day life. This way, you won’t have to sacrifice your recovery to fight for the financial support you deserve. Learn more about our contingency fee agreement.

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Overcoming your losses after a motorcycle accident doesn’t have to be a challenge. You certainly don’t have to undertake the task alone. Instead, you can collaborate with Christina Pendleton & Associates. A motorcycle accident attorney in Virginia Beach from our firm can walk you through the process of filing your complaint. It’s time for you to schedule your first case consultation. To get your free consultation call us or contact us through our online form.

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