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If your spinal cord is unhealthy, any part of your body can become unhealthy. It’s the central control nerve that runs through the spinal column. Injuries to it can create devastating consequences. It can even kill you.

Pendleton Law knows how serious spinal cord injuries are, and we have a team of attorneys serving Virginia Beach ready to help you if you’ve received one. You could require medical care for the rest of your life, and we can help you get the money for it through a lawsuit.

How Do Spinal Cord Injuries Happen?

Blunt force trauma is the most common way. A car accident, workplace accident, or even a slip and fall could strike the spine in a way that causes damage to the spinal cord. There are also cases where medical errors lead to spinal cord injuries.

Whiplash is one of the common causes of a spinal cord injury. It’s not just a muscular condition. This happens when the head is whipped back and forth strongly in a car accident. It can cause herniated discs in the neck and, in severe cases, spinal cord damage.

In worse situations, spinal fractures can cause bone shards to damage the spinal cord and require extensive surgery with a long recovery time. In order to get compensation for your injury, someone else needs to be responsible for it or you need to have insurance that covers what happened to you.

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Prognosis of Spinal Cord Injuries

Prognosis of your injury depends on what happened. If your cord was severed, you could experience paralysis. While there have been advances in treating this, most treatments are new, expensive, and even experimental.

The sooner you can get treatment for any spinal cord injury, the better. It can take a year or more to adjust to your condition, and by the time two years have passed most patients reach their peak level of function post-accident.

The consequences of a spinal cord injury can also be emotionally damaging. Mental health issues are common because these accidents can totally change a life’s path. In some patients, confused nerve signals can create days of painful sensation that erode their ability to cope.

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Proving Someone Else Responsible

So what must be proven to get someone else to pay for what happened to you? We must show four things:

  • They had a duty to take care of you.
  • They violated that duty
  • That violation caused your injury
  • Your injuries were enough to require compensation.

When these are shown, this proves negligence happened, and the law requires negligent people to pay for harming others. The first task of our spinal cord injury lawyers is to study the evidence and see if these four things can be proven.

There is no harm or fee for initial consultations with spinal cord injury attorneys serving Virginia Beach, and you’ll learn your legal options. We can tell you if we can help you or not, based on what evidence we can gather and our extensive case history of helping people in Virginia with spinal cord injuries.

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Will I Need to Go to Court?

New clients sometimes worry if their lives will get more complicated because they’re getting involved with the court. It’s rare that you would need to appear in court yourself. That’s also part of our job. We’re your legal representative.

Also, most personal injury cases settle out of court. Only a small handful of cases reach trial. The reason is that a competent spinal injury attorney can show the insurance companies a case strong enough that they know they’ll lose.

So, no, you should not need to go to court unless there are strange circumstances that require it. Once you’ve hired an attorney for your spinal cord injury, let them handle the legal side of your settlement. You can focus on recovery.

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Damages in Spinal Cord Cases

The damages you could receive in your spinal cord injury case could be worth millions. Any consequence you’ve had because of your accident could be worthy of compensation, whether that be through debts from your injury, loss of your job, or a decrease of enjoyment of your life.

You could also be eligible for punitive damages. These are awarded by a court for gross negligence. Awarding these is completely up to the court, but we can argue for them if we think your case qualifies.

Find a Virginia Beach Spinal Cord Injury Attorney

If you’re seeking a spinal cord injury attorney for Virginia Beach accidents, you’ve come to the right page. Pendleton Law can help you get compensated for your spinal cord injury. To find out if your case qualifies for compensation, call us to request a free no-obligation case review and consultation. You can also schedule an appointment through our website.

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