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Spinal cord injuries are among the most severe injuries to result from ordinary accidents. While an accident may not seem extreme from the onset, the slightest impact on a person’s spine during an accident could have life-threatening repercussions.

If you have suffered a back injury because of someone else’s negligence, a Richmond personal injury lawyer at the Pendleton Law Team can help you recover the damages you deserve.

Types of Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal injuries are not injuries that can heal easily over time but instead require months of rehabilitation therapy and physical therapy and often an unsettling future diagnosis. These impact thousands of people nationwide every year, often resulting in paralysis.

Spinal cord injuries are defined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as “an acute traumatic lesion of the neural elements in the spinal canal, resulting in temporary or permanent sensory deficit, motor deficit, or bowel/bladder dysfunction.”

Herniated Disc Injuries

A herniated disc is a relatively common spinal injury. A severe herniated disc can also hurt your spinal cord. Therefore, if you were diagnosed with this type of injury after an accident, contact a herniated disc attorney for legal help.

It is devastating to understand that such a simple accident could have such an impact on their future.

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How do Spinal Injuries Occur?

Spinal injuries can occur because of a number of unintentional accidents, including:

Most spinal injuries happen because of external trauma. Rarely, a medical mistake not caused by trauma could cause a spinal cord injury, like an infection. However your injury occurred, your spinal cord injury lawyer in Richmond can help you navigate the claims process to hold the negligent party responsible for your damages.


Injuries to the spinal cord below the first thoracic vertebra lead to paraplegia, or the loss of feeling in the torso and the complete or partial loss of feeling in the legs. Paraplegics retain control of their arms and hands and often find that they can continue a reasonable lifestyle at the same pace with ongoing rehabilitation.


Injuries to the spinal cord above the first thoracic vertebra result in tetraplegia, which is the partial or total loss of all limbs and torso. Depending on the extent of the injuries, a victim may also lose the ability to breathe on their own and may require ongoing care for the rest of their lives.

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Personal Injury Recovery

Spinal cord injury victims and their families can bring an action for damages against the responsible party after an accident. Virginia is, unfortunately, a contributory negligence state, which means that if the victim was even one percent at fault, a court may rule against their personal injury claim.

However, a dedicated Richmond spinal cord injury lawyer at Pendleton Law Team will work closely with you to develop a claim for damages after carefully reviewing the facts of your case.

You and your family should not be forced to go through the financial burden of long-term costs on top of the lifestyle alteration after a traumatic accident leading to spinal cord injuries. A claim for damages after a spinal cord injury can include the following:

  • Medical costs
  • Rehabilitation expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Future earnings
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of consortium
  • Punitive damages

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Seeking Legal Representation

Seeking legal representation is of utmost importance when dealing with a spinal cord injury. Navigating the legal system on your own can be overwhelming, especially when you are already facing physical, emotional, and financial challenges. 

By working with a Richmond personal injury lawyer, you can ensure that your rights are protected and that you have the best chance at obtaining the fair compensation you deserve.

Understanding Spinal Cord Injury Cases

A skilled lawyer specializing in spinal cord injuries understands the complexities of these cases. They have the knowledge and expertise to navigate the legal process and build a strong case on your behalf. They will gather evidence, interview witnesses, and work with medical experts to establish liability and the full extent of your injuries.

Fighting for Your Rights

Furthermore, a spinal cord injury lawyer will be your advocate and provide you with the support you need during this difficult time. They will handle all communication with insurance companies and other parties involved, relieving you of additional stress. They will fight for your rights and ensure that you are treated fairly throughout the entire legal process.

Seeking Compensation

Most importantly, a Richmond Spinal Cord Injury lawyer will work tirelessly to seek justice on your behalf. They will pursue the financial compensation you need to cover medical expenses, lost wages, ongoing care, and other damages resulting from the catastrophic injury. Their goal is to help you rebuild your life and secure your future.

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How Soon Can I Start My Lawsuit?

As soon as you’ve seen a doctor to confirm an injury, that’s the time to contact a lawyer. You do not want to wait too long. The longer you wait, the more leverage the insurers will have to pay you less or nothing at all.

Also, you have a two-year deadline from the start of your injury to begin a lawsuit in Virginia. This is the statute of limitations for civil personal injury cases. If your case is complex, this can be extended but you must have a personal injury attorney working your case to do this.

The sooner you have a lawyer on your side after your accident, the better your chances are of a favorable recovery. Also, once you have one, you can refer all legal and insurance communications to your lawyer and avoid the tactics of the insurance companies.

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Our attorneys will assist you in projecting out those expenses which may not have a current dollar amount, such as future earnings or pain and suffering. If you or a loved one have been injured in an accident resulting in a spinal cord injury, do not hesitate to contact Pendleton Law Team.

Our personal injury lawyers will work tirelessly on your claim so that you can focus on what is important: your recovery. Contact our firm today for a free initial consultation and appraisal of your injury claim.

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