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When you suffer spinal cord trauma, you may experience a reduced range of motion, an increased amount of pain, and a diminished quality of life. Depending on the reason for your York spinal cord injury, lawyers from the Pendleton Law Team can seek compensation for the aforementioned damages.

In order for your function to fully be restored, you may need to seek medical care, which can be costly. To get the largest settlement possible for your treatment and life post-accident, retaining a personal injury lawyer in York is a great first step to take.

Our personal injury law firm cares about our clients at every stage of the process and will guarantee that all of your concerns are addressed and that you comprehend everything from beginning to end. Our team of “Heavy Hitters®” has the knowledge necessary to present your case in court or in an out-of-court settlement negotiation.

Understanding the Levels of Your Spinal Cord Injury Lawsuit

A spinal cord injury attorney from Pendleton Law Team can help you better understand the stages of your York County case. After sustaining a catastrophic injury like spinal cord damage, having guided support can go a long way. The average spinal cord injury claim process consists of the following:

Evidence Collection

The defendant’s responsibility for your injuries must be proven in order to establish negligence. To make a compelling case for your recovery, evidence can be gathered and utilized, such as photographs, witness statements, injury reports, etc. Our attorneys will assist you in obtaining the necessary records or testimony to give your case a better chance of winning in court.

Determining Your Spinal Cord Damage

Immediately after your accident, seek medical care. Inform the doctor about how you were injured, and be honest about the discomfort you are feeling. Your lawyer will review medical records, speak to witnesses, and gather evidence to determine the seriousness of your trauma.

Spinal Cord Injury Compensation Estimate

Evaluating your spinal cord injury can be complicated. Some spinal cord injuries are minor, but the more significant the injury, the greater the value of your claim. Income loss, vocational transportation to a new job, medical expenses, and other factors are weighed by our personal injury attorneys to calculate the sum of your damages.

Negotiating With Insurers

Negotiating with insurers is a critical part of the spinal cord injury claim process. Our attorneys will fight tenaciously for the maximum settlement amount on your behalf. We anticipate that the insurance company will search for ways to minimize or delay your claim. Our legal strategy is to present a compelling case that makes both options impossible.

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When You Should Pursue a Spinal Cord Injury Case

It’s common for spinal cord injury implications to go unknown. Sometimes emergency surgeries are needed, and in other situations, permanent damage is done. Injury victims should consider filing a spinal cord injury lawsuit with a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer to avoid financial hardships down the line.

With the future of your condition unknown, it is best to secure your future before the statute of limitations for personal injury cases expires. Weeks or months could pass, and the impingement or numbness that you are experiencing may get progressively worse

While there are signs that your condition is worsening, it is important for you to seek treatment immediately so that you can collect fair compensation from the moment that the injury occurred.

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The Cost of Legal Representation for a Spinal Cord Injury

When compared to the possible size of your damage claim, the cost of hiring a spinal cord injury lawyer after your accident in York County is insignificant. While it is common for most lawyers to require a retainer fee and charge by the hour, spinal cord injury victims are billed based on contingency at our office.

We think it’s possible to afford high-quality legal representation, especially given the significant influence an accomplished lawyer may have on your case. The Bureau of Justice Statistics revealed that 95% of personal injury lawsuits are settled out of court, so it’s important to pick legal counsel with top-rated litigating abilities for your case. We are so certain that we can win that we won’t charge you if we don’t.

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Calculating Your Spinal Injury’s Financial Recovery

If it is unsure whether your injury is a long-term or short-term condition, your attorney will treat it as if it will affect your life indefinitely until proven otherwise. Preserving accident evidence and getting documentation from a medical expert is key to securing your spinal cord injury settlement.

Insurance companies often reduce or soft-sell your injuries to prevent giving you the payout that you rightfully deserve, but we hire experts such as accident reconstructionists, vocational specialists, and more, whose testimony will benefit you most.

The details of your spinal cord injury are unique and must be evaluated closely for an accurate estimate of your injury settlement’s worth. However, the negligent party is generally responsible for covering the following:

Spinal injury lawyers that serve York County are available to discuss your injuries, and the details of your case, review evidence, and more to provide an accurate settlement projection. It’s best to speak with an attorney before the insurers to prevent saying anything that may diminish the value of your claim.

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