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After sustaining injuries in an accident involving an 18-wheeler, the last thing that you should have to do is work to prove who was at fault. Instead, your energy should be reserved for processing the event, healing, and creating normalcy. The Pendleton Law Team can help you do just that. With years of truck wreck experience, we can handle your case seamlessly. 

Do you know what to do after a truck crash? Are you considering representing yourself? Or maybe you just need to know how to speak to the insurance company after being in a crash? Don’t worry; in a free consultation session, our Newport News accident attorneys can cover your 18-wheeler wreck concerns and offer legal solutions. We also cover some tips below.

Recoverable Expenses From an 18-Wheeler Accident

The recoverable expenses from your Newport News 18-wheeler collision highly depend on the evidence collected, the number of at-fault parties, and the extent of your injuries. If you’ve followed the steps above on what to do after a truck wreck, you’ve put yourself in a stronger position to improve the outcome of your settlement. 

In a personal injury case, recoverable expenses consist of:

  • Property loss
  • Medical treatment, devices, and long-term therapies
  • Pain and suffering
  • Income replacement for any time off due to injury, including future diminished wages for severe injuries
  • Loss of life enjoyment
  • Punitive damages, if applicable
  • Wrongful death

There may be additional costs associated with your wreck that have not been mentioned. To calculate an estimate of your settlement, our truck collision lawyers are available to assess your damages. 

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Sharing Fault In a Virginia Truck Accident

The majority of the states in the U.S. have chosen to be lenient towards victims who suffer injuries but share fault in an auto accident. Under comparative negligence laws, claimants who suffer harm are able to file a claim for partial damages that are proportionate to the extent of the damage that they cause. However, Virginia’s laws on shared fault take a different approach.

Virginia has a shared blame policy that is relatively disciplinary towards the claimant. Our state implements a contributory negligence framework, which is the opposite of comparative negligence regulation. This law enables the court to dismiss your claim automatically unless you are completely faultless. Unfortunately, there is no sliding scale that will modify your settlement. 

If you think that you shared fault in your Newport News 18-wheeler accident, then truck injury lawyers from our firm can advise you if your circumstance is one of the exceptions that may allow you to still collect compensation.

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Three Reasons You May Be Hesitant To Hire A Lawyer

Immediately after a wreck, insurance companies begin calling to get recorded statements and details on the damage you’ve endured. It can be overwhelming, but it certainly doesn’t have to be. With the right legal team, your case could be handled compassionately and professionally. We’d like to clear up some misconceptions to help you make an informed choice.

Attorneys Can Be Expensive

Legal counsel is expensive when it is billed by the hour. Fortunately for you, our personal injury law firm provides a cost-effective way for survivors to obtain representation and not break the bank. We provide legal services based on contingency only, meaning you won’t pay us a dime if we don’t win your case.

During our consultation, we will discuss our lawyer’s rate, but throughout the case, we will front all of the costs. Payment will not be due until after your compensation is awarded and will simply be taken out of the overall settlement.

You Don’t Know How To Find the Right Lawyer

When healing from severe injuries and dealing with property loss, meeting with multiple lawyers to find the “best Virginia truck wreck attorney” will drain you. Instead, write down a list of questions and non-negotiables that you look for in a law firm and check out their client reviews. Once this eliminates a few, schedule a free consultation to discuss things in detail. 

Having a Lawyer is Unnecessary

You’re right. Having an attorney is unnecessary if you have been in a small accident with minor damages and no injuries. Otherwise, lawyers are the weapon in your arsenal and can give your truck wreck case a huge advantage. Truck injury attorneys manage:

  • Filing all required legal paperwork on time
  • Assessing evidence and conducting their own with accident reconstruction experts
  • Speaking with the trucking company’s insurance or legal team regarding your demands
  • Maintaining your medical records and verifying  the accuracy of your billing
  • Hiring specialists like toxicologists or medical personnel to solidify your case value
  • Preparing you for depositions, hearings, and a trial if necessary
  • Providing legal and emotional support to clients seeking information and resources

If you’re wondering if your case needs a lawyer, consider the extent of your damage, your injuries, and whether you feel prepared to negotiate with the insurance company or go to trial. Research by the American Bar Association proved that parties who were represented had a 60% winning rate in civil disputes, compared to only 10% for unrepresented parties. We’re worth it. 

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Your livelihood is important to you, and with the help of the Pendleton Law Team, you can get back to it easier. Contact our 18-wheeler truck wreck lawyers following your Newport News, VA, truck collision. Our team guarantees full commitment to assigning liability and helping you pursue legal action that hits the insurance company where it hurts. 

The legal office of the Pendleton Law Team was designed to serve clients like you. We immerse ourselves in every aspect of your case and will keep you updated on every new development. When you are ready to maximize your compensation package, schedule a complimentary case evaluation with a member of our team. Don’t wait; there is a strict deadline for filing your claim. Our team can help you start your case before time runs out.

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