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Four Things You Must Do Following a Truck Accident in Richmond

Truck accidents in Virginia are far different from car crashes. The weight and size differences between the two vehicles that collide lead to catastrophic injuries and damages. Because of the seriousness of most truck collisions, many people are left in a lot of pain and confused about what just happened. During this time, you need help knowing how to act immediately following a truck collision in Richmond.

Here are four important steps you must take if you have been involved in a crash with a commercial or semi-truck in Virginia:

  1. Seek medical attention. First and foremost, you need to tend to your injuries. Your body will be in a state of shock and you may not realize the extent of the damage until days after the crash. Getting immediate medical attention can help you. Have a medical professional diagnose your condition and get you the treatment you need, so that you can minimize your pain and suffering and start on the road to recovery faster.
  2. Assist as needed in the police investigation. After a major collision such as this, there are likely emergency personnel on the scene performing an investigation into what happened during the accident, what caused the accident to happen, and who is at fault. During the investigation, it is important that you only give factual answers that you are completely certain of. Speak with the police only, and never with the other party’s insurance company.
  3. Take pictures. If you are able, take pictures at the scene of the accident. If you cannot take the pictures yourself, ask a witness to help. These pictures will prove useful as you negotiate your settlement with the insurance companies.
  4. Do not sign anything. You will be confused at the scene of the crash but one thing you must keep in mind is to never sign anything. In some cases, truck drivers have insurance forms with them that they are ready to have you sign. This paperwork can prove detrimental to your case in the long run and can cause you to lose out on financial compensation for all you have been through.

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