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Blog: Car Accidents

Virginia: Let your Delegate know you want better protections

We are in support of several bills that would benefit you, our client, and we’re helping to get the word out with the Virginia Trial Lawyers Association to advocate for the passage of these bills. They have already passed the Senate of Virginia and are now being reviewed by the House of Delegates during this… read more

Factors That Can Affect Your Injury Claim

Injury claims are complicated legal matters with many variables that can affect their timelines and dollar values. If you were injured in an accident in Virginia and wish to pursue compensation for your losses, consider the common factors that may apply to your claim and affect its outcome. Understanding these factors can allow you to… read more

4 Apps to Prevent Distracted Driving

Distracted driving causes thousands of traffic deaths in the US each year. It is one of the most common causes of serious and fatal motor vehicle accidents. Driving safely requires every ounce of a driver’s attention. If anything takes a driver’s eyes, hands or mind away from the driving task, that driver may cause a… read more

Four Things You Must Do Following a Truck Accident in Richmond

Truck accidents in Virginia are far different from car crashes. The weight and size differences between the two vehicles that collide lead to catastrophic injuries and damages. Because of the seriousness of most truck collisions, many people are left in a lot of pain and confused about what just happened. During this time, you need… read more

The Dangers of Texting While Driving

Texting while driving is quickly becoming one of the bigger causes of both minor and major auto accidents. It’s important to not only know how to drive without distraction, but what you can do if you’re the victim of someone who isn’t paying attention. The rise in communications technology has brought with it a bit… read more

Social Media: Be Careful About What You Post!

Written by Nikita Wolf, Trial Attorney with the Pendleton Law Team Social media.  It’s everywhere we look and constantly changing.  Some of us use it stay in touch with friends and family, to follow the latest influencers and celebrities, to find new recipes or workouts to try, and to share what’s happening in our daily… read more

The Collateral Source Rule: What Insurance Companies Don’t Want You to Know

By Ilya Rabkin, Trial Attorney at the Pendleton Law Team People injured in a car accident which results from someone else’s negligence often, justifiably, think, “why should I use my own health insurance to pay for my medical bills when I didn’t do anything wrong?” Other times, people in this same situation do use their… read more

Taking Photographs After a Car Crash

By Nikita Wolf, Trial Attorney with The Pendleton Law Team No one wants to get into a car crash and yet it seems like everyone is involved in at least one crash at some point in their life.  Many clients want to know “what do I do after getting into a car crash?”  Although there… read more

The Importance of Underinsured Motorist Coverage

Virginia allows drivers to completely forgo having any insurance, as long as they pay a $500 fee to Virginia’s Uninsured Motorist Fund every year. But is this wise? Most people only think about the price of their insurance, but there’s something else to consider. If you don’t have underinsured motorist coverage, you could find yourself… read more