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Blog: Medical malpractice

Three Steps for Emergency Care After a Richmond Motorcycle Crash

Three Steps for Handling Emergency Care at the Scene of a Richmond Motorcycle Crash For riders, motorcycle accidents in Richmond can leave a person faced with catastrophic injuries. Not only do motorcyclists not have a seat belt to secure them during impact, but they are also left far more vulnerable because of the lack of barriers…

The Most Common Misdiagnosed Illnesses

No doctor has to get every diagnosis right every time. All doctors, however, must do their best to come to the correct diagnoses based on the process of eliminations. Physicians must use specific standards of care according to medical industry regulations to diagnose patients. Failure to do so, resulting in the wrong diagnosis and harm…

The Most Common Surgical Errors

No patient imagines a surgical error could happen while he or she lies on the operating table. However, surgeons and their staff members are only human and accidents happen. In a safe operating room environment, preventable patient injuries would not occur. Yet hospitals around the country employ negligent, reckless and dangerous health care personnel that…