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What Information Should You Exchange in a Car Accident?

In every state, a driver involved in a car accident has a legal obligation to stop and stay at the scene until he or she has fulfilled a few driver responsibilities. These responsibilities generally include exchanging information with the other driver involved, recording information about the car accident and documenting the crash for insurance companies…. read more

What Causes Reckless Driving?

Reckless driving is one of the most common causes of fatal car accidents in Virginia. Reckless drivers have a wanton disregard for the safety of others. They may intentionally break rules and violate traffic laws without any regard as to whether they endanger the lives of others. Recklessness goes beyond simple negligence. It is a… read more

What Restrictions Come With a Suspended License?

A suspended driver’s license is a punishment the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) can impose on a driver who commits a crime or traffic violation. Driver’s license suspension is the temporary removal of the person’s driving privileges. Having a suspended license significantly restricts your rights and abilities as a driver. If caught driving with… read more

In Case of a Crash: What to Have in Your Car

Written by Nikita Wolf, Trial Attorney with the Pendleton Law Team As the City of Richmond and surrounding areas begin entering Phase I of COVID-19 restrictions, more people can be seen out on the roads.  However, inevitably more people on the roads means more chances of getting into a car accident.  While the most important thing to… read more

Common Symptoms of a Traumatic Brain Injury

by Nikita Wolf, Trial Attorney with the Pendleton Law Team A Traumatic Brain Injury (commonly referred to as “TBI”) is a serious injury that should not be taken lightly.  Many people believe that a person must strike their head on something to suffer this injury, but that is actually not true.  While many TBIs are… read more

How Weather Can Negatively Effect Driving

The weather plays a significant role in the safety of a roadway. Bad weather such as rain, fog, wind, sleet or snow could make conditions too dangerous for driving. Weather can create visual impairments and interfere with the performance of a vehicle. Over one million car accidents each year are weather-related, according to the US… read more

How the Supreme Court of Virginia’s Judicial Emergency Order #4 May Impact Your Case

by Nikita Wolf, Trial Attorney with the Pendleton Law Team On May 6, 2020, the Supreme Court of Virginia issued its “Fourth Order Modifying and Extending Declaration of Judicial Emergency in Response to COVID-19 Emergency.” As you may be aware, back in March, the Supreme Court of Virginia issued an Order declaring a Judicial Emergency… read more

What Can I Do If the Responsible Party Can’t Pay?

You are the victim of an accident. You filed your claim, went to small claims court and won a judgment in your favor. You might think your case is over and you will now receive the money needed to pay your bills and move forward. Unfortunately, plaintiffs in small claims courts do not automatically receive… read more

What Are the Consequences of Driving Without a Valid License in Virginia?

Any person operating a motor vehicle in the State of Virginia must have a valid license to do so. A driver’s license is a privilege obtained only after passing certain tests. To retain this privilege, a driver must obey traffic laws. Speeding, drunk driving, reckless driving and other infractions could lead to the suspension or… read more

What Are the Psychological Effects of Being in a Car Accident?

The physical repercussions of a car accident can be severe. A survivor could have significant injuries that cause great pain, suffering and economic hardship. Physical injuries are not the only consequences crash victims can face, however. Many car accident survivors also deal with psychological ramifications – stress, anxiety and mental health conditions that can last… read more