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Truck Accidents

What Are the Most Common Traffic Violations?

Every year, Virginia police officers issue thousands of tickets for traffic offenses. Traffic offenses can range from failing to wear a seat belt to committing a hit-and-run. Traffic and moving violations are not the same as criminal charges in Virginia. However, they can still result in serious and life-changing penalties, such as driver’s license suspension… read more

What Are the Consequences of Driving Without a Valid License in Virginia?

Any person operating a motor vehicle in the State of Virginia must have a valid license to do so. A driver’s license is a privilege obtained only after passing certain tests. To retain this privilege, a driver must obey traffic laws. Speeding, drunk driving, reckless driving and other infractions could lead to the suspension or… read more

What Are the Psychological Effects of Being in a Car Accident?

The physical repercussions of a car accident can be severe. A survivor could have significant injuries that cause great pain, suffering and economic hardship. Physical injuries are not the only consequences crash victims can face, however. Many car accident survivors also deal with psychological ramifications – stress, anxiety and mental health conditions that can last… read more

Four Things You Must Do Following a Truck Accident in Richmond

Truck accidents in Virginia are far different from car crashes. The weight and size differences between the two vehicles that collide lead to catastrophic injuries and damages. Because of the seriousness of most truck collisions, many people are left in a lot of pain and confused about what just happened. During this time, you need… read more

What are Common Neck and Back Injuries?

Back and neck injuries can often cause immediate pain or discomfort. However, did you know that many of these injuries can leave lasting impact that you will have to treat in the future? Car accidents can yield different injuries given the circumstances of the wreck. However, we come across more neck and back injuries than… read more

What Are the Top Driving Distractions?

Distractions while driving can lead to deadly car accidents. Paying attention to anything other than the road and the driving task can lead to a rear-end collision, pedestrian accident or other serious types of accidents. Distracted drivers cause hundreds of thousands of auto accidents in the US each year. In 2018, distracted drivers injured 400,000… read more

What Are the Types of Spinal Injuries?

Injuries to the spine can occur in many different types of accidents, from car crashes to serious falls. The spinal cord is responsible for transferring messages from the brain to the body. Different types of spinal injuries can affect this messaging system in different ways. When the back or spine suffers an injury, the victim… read more

Who Is at Fault for an Accident Caused by Weather?

Fault, or liability, for a car accident, comes down to negligence. The driver who is guilty of the act of negligence or carelessness that caused your crash will be financially responsible for damages. When bad weather causes a car accident, you might not know how to file. After all, you cannot file a lawsuit against… read more

What Are the Penalties for Driving Uninsured in Virginia?

Although it is legal to drive without car insurance Virginia, doing so can have downsides. Every driver must either purchase insurance before registering or operating a motor vehicle or pay a special fee to drive uninsured. If you or the other driver involved in the accident does not have insurance, it can make the auto… read more

What Is Whiplash?

Whiplash is an injury of the neck that most commonly occurs in car accidents, especially rear-end collisions. When kinetic forces whip the head and neck roughly back and forth, the ligaments, tendons, and muscles can suffer injuries such as tears, strains or sprains. Whiplash can be painful and temporarily debilitating for a victim. It could… read more