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Three Steps for Emergency Care After a Richmond Motorcycle Crash

Three Steps for Handling Emergency Care at the Scene of a Richmond Motorcycle Crash

For riders, motorcycle accidents in Richmond can leave a person faced with catastrophic injuries. Not only do motorcyclists not have a seat belt to secure them during impact, but they are also left far more vulnerable because of the lack of barriers between their body, the road, and the other vehicle. Because of this vulnerability, bikers are often times left needing emergency care at the scene of a motorcycle crash in Henrico County or Chesterfield County.

If you are involved in a crash, here are three steps to take immediately after the incident:

  1. Remain Calm. This will take conscious effort immediately following a traumatic event such as a motorcycle wreck, but doing your best to remain calm and keep others calm around you can help you feel better. When your body is less stressed there is less tension on current aches and pains. More importantly, when the people around you are relaxed, you will have an easier time communicating your needs and getting the help you need.
  2. Assess the Damage. Your body will be in shock from the accident and you may not realize the extent of your injuries and pain right away. To make sure you get the right type of emergency care, try to assess where you are hurt and what your capabilities are. It is best to remain resting away from traffic until emergency personnel arrive and can give you treatment.
  3. Communicate with the EMTs on Scene. The emergency medical responders on the scene of a motorcycle crash are there to assist you and give you immediate relief from your symptoms. Communication with them is crucial at this time, as it will help them to know what you need and how they can best help you get relief.

While on scene, avoid talking about how the accident happened and instead focus on getting yourself the medical help you need. Once you have received this help, call our motorcycle accident attorneys in Richmond for help managing your case against the insurance companies.

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