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4 Apps to Prevent Distracted Driving

Distracted driving causes thousands of traffic deaths in the US each year. It is one of the most common causes of serious and fatal motor vehicle accidents. Driving safely requires every ounce of a driver’s attention. If anything takes a driver’s eyes, hands or mind away from the driving task, that driver may cause a distracted driving accident. Do your part to be a responsible driver in Richmond. Eliminate distracted driving with assistance from one of these smartphone apps.


The Polite app (for Android) automatically puts your cellphone on silent mode when you are driving/meeting. You will not hear any dings or rings while driving that could distract you from the road. It also sets up autoreply for incoming texts and phone calls that tells the sender you are driving. Special features include automatic enabling and disenabling, Bluetooth compatibility, Emergency Mode (the app switches off after three calls from the same number), choosing not to send an automatic reply text, and customizing your autoreply message. Polite is a free app that currently has 4.5 stars on Google Play.

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If you do not have an Android, LifeSaver is a similar app that works for the iPhone. Like Polite app, LifeSaver automatically blocks distracting cellphone use while driving, such as incoming phone calls and emails. It also has a feature that sends alerts to chosen friends or family members letting them know you have arrived safely at your destination. LifeSaver is great for families, as it has a parent portal that keeps them in the loop about a teen’s driving habits. It also rewards good driver behaviors with perks such as iTunes credits, encouraging drivers to put their phones away and focus on the road. It is safe, secure and simple to set up.

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Available for both iOS and Android, the free OnMyWay app is one of the most popular choices for people who want to achieve perks for driving safely. This app pays $0.05 in cash for every mile you (and your friends) drive without using a cellphone. On becoming an OnMyWay user, you will automatically receive $10. You can also make $2 for every referral, plus $0.02 for every mile your friend drives without texting. When you are ready to cash out, you can do so through deals at many participating merchants.

OnMyWay also has GPS technologies, making it easy to map to your favorite destinations with just one tap. You can add and save destinations easily. The app automatically shows chosen friends your location and estimated time of arrival. This saves you from having to spend too much time on your phone before, during and after a drive.


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The app uses iSpeech Text to Speech to answer texts and messages for you while you drive – all hands free. It supports 27 different languages and has 20 voice options. This app will read incoming messages out loud to you in real time and automatically respond for you, without you touching a button or looking at your screen. It is a solution to texting and driving with a simple, one-touch application to activate the app upon getting behind the wheel. It is compatible with Bluetooth as well as radio transmitters.

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What If You Get Into a Distracted Driving Accident?

If you get into an accident with a distracted driver, or while you were driving distracted, stay calm and check for any injuries. Call the police if the crash is serious. Exchange information with the other driver but do not admit fault for the collision. Take pictures of your vehicle damages and the scene of the accident. Obtain immediate medical care. Then, contact a distracted driving accident lawyer for assistance. A lawyer can help you protect your rights as an injured party during a claim.

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