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Elmiron was introduced in 1996, but retinal damage was not identified as a long-term side effect until more than two decades later. Currently, hundreds of lawsuits from using Elmiron have been brought against Janssen Pharmaceuticals in an effort to obtain justice and compensation.

Our Elmiron lawsuit attorneys with first-hand knowledge in pharmaceutical lawsuits have been assisting residents of Franklin and the surrounding areas. While you concentrate on your health, Pendleton Law Firm will be busy fighting your product liability lawsuit to win you compensation for your pain.

Criteria to Bring a Case Against Elmiron

Before the case goes to trial next year, qualifying criteria have been developed in light of recent cases involving Elmiron’s negative consequences. In order to sue Elmiron, you must have the following symptoms:

  • Blindness
  • Halo vision
  • Scotoma
  • Maculopathy (pigmentary)
  • Macular Retinal Disease

You will need to prove that you started taking Elmiron before Janssen Pharmaceuticals added a side effect warning to its bottles in addition to physical symptoms. Any claims that attempt to be submitted after the side effects were added to the list will not be eligible for compensation.

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What Damages Am I Eligible to Recover in an Elmiron Lawsuit?

Losses are divided into two categories for claims like these: noneconomic damages and economic losses. For our Franklin clients, we, as an Elmiron lawsuit legal team, work to achieve both victories.

Noneconomic damage includes things like emotional distress or a decreased quality of life following use that a mental health professional may need to certify. An expert’s testimony is needed in order to guarantee that you receive compensation for your pain and suffering.

Economic losses include items like hospital and rehabilitation costs, medication costs, equipment costs, and lost pay (even if your hours were reduced from injury). If your injuries from Elmiron caused you financial hardship, you might be eligible for compensation.

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Is There a Cutoff Date for Legal Action Against Elmiron?

A product liability case for “failure to warn” against Janssen Pharmaceuticals may be brought up because the company neglected to warn customers of specific side effects. There is, regrettably, a deadline for submitting a product liability claim.

Consumers of Elmiron have two years from the day they first experienced visual loss to launch a lawsuit against them in accordance with Va Code 8.01-243. You can speak with an Elmiron lawsuit lawyer about possible exceptions if you have an exceptional circumstance.

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Is It Worth It to Hire an Elmiron Lawsuit Attorney?

Consumers who regularly used Elmiron stated that eyesight issues started around 14 years after starting the medication. That implies that some people are still at risk of going blind. While doctor appointments could lessen the risk, attorneys will defend you against unethical settlements.

After you file a lawsuit, the manufacturer might get in touch with you to discuss a settlement offer. While it can seem like they want to make up for your losses, their true goal is to keep you out of court and avoid having to pay a larger settlement.

It has been demonstrated that having representation during litigation boosts your chances of a good outcome, in addition to giving you peace of mind. Find a local Elmiron lawsuit attorney serving Franklin who can help you build a solid defense.

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Establishing Product Liability for an Elmiron Lawsuit

A clever defense that connects a consumer’s suffering to the company’s conduct can be used to hold firms responsible.

According to the legislation, producers have a duty to protect customers and are accountable for any products that endanger a consumer’s safety.

People suffered as a result of Janssen Pharmaceuticals hiding information about the negative effects associated with their product. Liability for a product is established in a lawsuit by showing how the conduct of the firm and the harm suffered by the victim are related.

Elmiron Lawsuit Timeline

A drug-related litigation can go on for an indefinite period of time. In 2023, a court will hear this exact lawsuit for the first time. The discovery phase can be longer in personal lawsuits since victims can recover losses for things that multidistrict litigation won’t allow. Our Elmiron lawyers serving Franklin will keep you informed about the status of your lawsuit. 

The Trial Process for the Elmiron Lawsuit

Understanding what to anticipate from a trial like this is critical to your success. Greater corporations like Janssen Pharmaceuticals can be unsettling and daunting to deal with. 

Our firm will be by your side every step of the way to help you through the Elmiron lawsuit’s subsequent phases, including summons service, cross-examination of all parties during the discovery phase, witness depositions, and preparation of closing arguments. 

The judge will decide how much compensation to give those who were harmed by the product when this process is completed. 

Lawyers Who Represent Victims of Elmiron Cases

You’ve endured enough pain. Don’t let a large company frighten you into giving up on obtaining restitution. Our legal team has experience in product liability cases. With the help of our Franklin Elmiron lawsuit lawyers, you will collect full damages for your injuries.

Contact Christina Pendleton & Associates when you are prepared to defend yourself against Janssen Pharmaceuticals. You won’t be charged for our services until after your case has been won, and your initial consultation is free.

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