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When Elmiron came onto the market in 1996, people suffering from interstitial cystitis were happy to finally have a drug to treat their pain. Sadly, they were unaware of the risk for vision loss and blindness that prolonged Elmiron use poses. Had the manufacturer, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, disclosed the drug’s side effects, this tragedy could have been avoided.

Unfortunately, the pharmaceutical company kept consumers in the dark and the public is now feeling the terrible consequences of that decision. If you are one of the many people who sustained vision loss or blindness after taking Elmiron, you deserve to be compensated. The team at Pendleton Law can help you build a claim and demand payment for your losses.

Elmiron’s Risk for Blindness and Vision Loss Wasn’t Discovered Until 2018

Elmiron’s risk for vision loss and blindness went unnoticed for over two decades, until a group of doctors started to notice that patients taking the drug were disproportionately experiencing problems with their vision. This realization prompted them to conduct a study, which was published a year later in 2019. 

In that study, they found evidence suggesting that 25% of patients who were prescribed a higher than average dose of Elmiron eventually experienced vision problems.They also found that the vision loss and blindness caused by Elmiron was often attributed to other conditions. 

This partially explains why Elmiron’s true side effects were able to remain undiscovered for so long. However, the other half of the explanation lies with Janssen’s failure to inform the public of the risks associated with the drug. Janssen permanently changed the lives of so many people. If you are one of those affected by their wrongdoing, you deserve to see justice.

We Can Win Compensation for Your Elmiron-Induced Vision Loss or Blindness

If you’ve been diagnosed with vision loss or blindness due to Elmiron use, there are a number of expenses and losses you can seek compensation for. Our team of Elmiron lawsuit lawyers can help you fight for the payment you need to live comfortably despite the terrible circumstances you’ve been made to suffer through.

Here are some of the damages our attorneys can help you recover:

  • Medical bills. Depending on the severity of your condition, you might need assistive devices, medication, or ophthalmologist visits to manage your vision loss. These damages can help you cover all the treatment expenses you incur. 
  • Lost wages. If your vision problems put you out of work, you might be struggling to pay your bills. Lost wages damages can compensate for the paychecks you’ve missed out on.
  • Reduced earning capacity. Your condition might bar you from working the job that you’ve built your life around and depend on to make ends meet. If that’s the case, these damages will help you offset your inability to work at the level you’re accustomed to.
  • Diminished quality of life. Blindness and vision loss can seriously affect your quality of life. While it’s hard to assign a monetary value to the hardship you’re experiencing, these damages are meant to make your life a little easier during these difficult times.
  • Pain and suffering. Prolonged elmiron use can cause literal eye pain, as well as emotional pain. These damages can be requested to ease the hurt you must be feeling.
  • Emotional distress. Conditions like blindness and vision loss can seriously affect a person’s mental health. If you’re experiencing mental health issues, your attorney can help you seek these damages to cover therapy and counseling sessions.

Elmiron-Related Vision Loss Symptoms to Look Out for

In some cases, vision loss can progress at a rate that’s hard to notice. If you’re experiencing problems with one eye, your other eye might compensate for it, making it hard to realize the extent of your condition until it’s a major issue.

If you’ve taken Elmiron in the past, consider getting checked out by an ophthalmologist. They’ll be able to identify problems you might not be aware of. It can also be helpful to know the symptoms of vision loss so that you know what to look out for. 

Here are some of the visual impairments you might be experiencing if you’ve been prescribed Elmiron:

  • Blurred vision
  • Reduced night vision
  • Eye pain

These symptoms are some of the more mild indicators that you’ve sustained retinal damage from Elmiron use. The following conditions are more severe manifestations of the damage that Janssen Pharmecutical’s drug has the potential to cause:

Don’t Wait to Take Legal Action if You’re Experiencing Vision Loss or Blindness From Elmiron

If you believe your vision loss or blindness is related to Elmiron use, don’t wait to speak to a lawyer. Under Va. Code § 8.01-243(A), you have two years from the date of your diagnosis to file a claim for damages. According to the law, you could be unable to receive compensation if you fail to file before the legal deadline.

However, this rule does provide some flexibility. The best way to determine how much time you actually have to file is by consulting with an experienced attorney. Based on the specifics of your case, they’ll be able to figure out when you’re required to file by. They’ll also help you build your claim and make sure it’s submitted within the relevant statute of limitations.

Consult With an Elmiron Lawsuit Attorney From Our Firm Today

If you were unaware of the risk of vision loss and blindness associated with Elmiron when you were prescribed the drug, you’re entitled to receive compensation. A Elmiron lawsuit lawyer from our firm can help you join the multidistrict litigation that is expected to go to trial in 2022. They can also assist you in filing an individual claim if that method better suits your circumstances.

Either way, your Elmiron attorney from Christina Pendleton & Associates will make sure you receive the payment you need to cover your medical bills and bring a sense of normalcy back into your life. 

To get started on your claim, fill out a contact form on our website. Once we hear from you, we’ll schedule your free consultation to learn more about how Elmiron has affected your life.