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Have you had any vision problems since taking Pentosan? This medication, also known as Elmiron, has been proven to increase your chance of developing an eye illness. If you have been taking Elmiron, you may qualify to file a claim under the Elmiron lawsuit

Janssen Pharmaceuticals is a licensee and markets Elmiron. Millions of individuals take Elmiron every day to treat interstitial cystitis, a persistent bladder condition (IC). Elmiron has caused irreparable blindness and vision impairment, although no side effects were initially noted.

Our legal team at Pendleton Law is prepared to recoup damages for those harmed while taking Elmiron. Our Elmiron lawsuit lawyers accept cases in Poquoson, VA, and the surrounding areas. We offer a free initial consultation to assess if you qualify for compensation.

Elmiron Lawsuit Settlement Amounts

Elmiron lawsuit settlement amounts might vary depending on a number of variables. Depending on your extent of vision damage, medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other factors, your personal injury payment would rise.

An average settlement sum for the Elmiron lawsuit cannot be determined because it depends on the particulars of each plaintiff’s case. Losses that are not economic, such as mental health losses, will also be compensated.

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How to Know If You Qualify for Compensation

This case goes to trial next year, but first, qualifying elements have been developed in light of the 1,740 cases involving Elmiron’s negative consequences. In order to sue Elmiron, you must have the following symptoms:

  • Halo vision
  • Blindness
  • Maculopathy
  • Macular Retinal Disease
  • Scotoma

Other injuries caused by Elmiron include light sensitivity or seeing muted hues of color, floaters, or enhanced dark areas. Your doctor may not have warned you of these side effects, but your vision continued to worsen. Your Elmiron lawsuit lawyer serving Poquoson will strategize around that.

We will need to prove that you started taking Elmiron before Janssen Pharmaceuticals added a side effect warning to its bottles in addition to physical symptoms. Any claims that attempt to be submitted after the side effects were added to the effect list will not be eligible for compensation.

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The Important Legal Deadline for the Elmiron Lawsuit

Janssen Pharmaceuticals’ failure to inform clients of specific negative effects inevitably leads to a product liability claim for “failure to warn.” Unfortunately, there is a deadline for filing a product liability claim. This may be a legal challenge since the side effects took years to occur.

According to Va Code 8.01-243, consumers of Elmiron have two years from the day they first noticed sight loss to file a claim. Many victims did not link their injury to Elmiron, so if you have a unique situation, you can discuss alternate provisions with an Elmiron lawsuit attorney.

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What is the Legal Process for Filing a Lawsuit Against Janssen Pharmaceuticals?

It’s critical to understand what the legal process is for filing an Elmiron lawsuit. Corporations like Janssen Pharmaceuticals can be unsettling and daunting to deal with. Our Poquoson Elmiron attorneys remain by your side at every level to assist you with the following subsequent phases:


An employee of the company will receive a summons. The average response time is one month after getting the summons. Your letter will include an estimate of the damages you have incurred as a result of using Elmiron, as well as a detailed account of the harm you have suffered.

If negotiations are possible, it will become clear after the corporation responds.


Both parties are free to ask and answer questions about the injured party’s Elmiron use and symptoms during this time.

Introductory Remarks and Witness Testimony

The parties have another opportunity to come to a just agreement at this point. A trial comes next if one cannot be made. Both parties will lay out specifics to summarize the case and, if necessary, call witnesses.

Final Defenses and the Court’s Ruling

Each lawyer will make a compelling closing argument for the jury to consider once the witnesses have testified. Once a decision is made, the case is concluded.

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How Long Will It Take to Win a Product Liability Case Against Elmiron?

Drug-related legal proceedings may have an indefinite timeline. This specific lawsuit will be heard by a judge for the first time in 2023. 

Since victims can seek damages for losses that multidistrict litigation will not recognize, the discovery phase of personal action may last longer. Your Elmiron legal team will keep you updated on the progress of your case.

Legal Help for the Lawsuit Against Elmiron

You have suffered enough already and deserve money for your injuries after using Elmiron. Our legal staff has a successful record of winning product liability claims. You will receive full compensation for your injuries with the aid of our Elmiron lawsuit attorneys serving Poquoson, VA.

When you are prepared to fight back against Janssen Pharmaceuticals, contact Christina Pendleton & Associates. Our initial consultation is complimentary, and you won’t be charged for our services until after your case has been successfully resolved.

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