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Can an Accident Reconstructionist Help My Case?

Dealing with a car accident claim in Richmond can be difficult as an injured victim. The insurance company receiving your claim will not want to give you maximum compensation for your damages. Instead, it will try to convince you to say yes to a lowball settlement offer. It will be up to you or your Richmond personal injury lawyer to negotiate with the insurance company for a fair and full settlement award. One of the tools available to you as a plaintiff to strengthen your case is an accident reconstructionist.

What Does an Accident Reconstructionist Do?

An accident reconstructionist is a professional available for hire by accident victims. They are most commonly used in automobile accident cases. Accident reconstructionists have special skills and training to re-create how accidents occurred. They also have technologies to demonstrate accidents to judges and juries, such as crash animation software. They are experts in rebuilding personal injury accidents and demonstrating how they happened to insurance companies and the courts. They can be useful tools to plaintiffs during injury claims.

Court-qualified accident reconstructionists use a variety of facts and data to re-create how an accident happened. The reconstructionist team may analyze accident reports, vehicle stopping distances, reaction times, speeds, mechanical issues, a vehicle’s black box and many other sources of information to reconstruct the way the accident occurred. Reconstructionists know how to accurately re-create accidents involving passenger cars, trucks, motorcycles, trains, buses, bicyclists and other vehicles. The skill of the reconstructionist can help determine the outcome of a victim’s claim.


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What Are the Benefits of Hiring an Accident Reconstructionist?

An accident reconstructionist could be a significant asset to you during an injury case in Virginia. A reconstructionist could be the professional you need to prove that you did not cause the accident in question. A reconstructionist could help you establish someone else’s responsibility for causing the accident. A reconstructionist could also use visual technologies to illustrate how the accident happened to a jury that may not otherwise understand the technical details of your case. Hiring an accident reconstructionist could improve your chances of winning a compensatory award during an insurance claim or injury lawsuit.

An accident reconstructionist can cost a few to several thousand dollars to hire for your personal injury case in Virginia. These costs may not be yours to cover out of pocket if you retain a Richmond car accident attorney to handle your case for you, however. A lawyer will have connections to quality accident reconstructionists and will front the costs of hiring one for you, in most cases. A law firm that works on a contingency fee basis will not make you pay for experts such as accident reconstructionists upfront. Instead, you will only have to pay at the end of your case, and only if your lawyer wins your case.


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How to Find an Accident Reconstructionist in Richmond?

If you believe an accident reconstructionist could benefit your personal injury case, be careful in finding the right one to hire. Look for job experience, trial experience, experience in the lab, credentials, state-of-the-art technologies, a reputation for accurate reconstructions and engineering expertise. These are the general traits of a high-quality accident reconstructionist.

If you hire a car accident lawyer to take over your case, your lawyer will have connections to an accident reconstructionist you can use, saving you from having to search for one on your own. Consulting with an attorney can also give you an honest professional opinion as to whether your case would benefit from a reconstructionist. Your lawyer may be able to successfully negotiate your claim without assistance from an accident reconstructionist, depending on the circumstances. Otherwise, your attorney will hire one for you to use. After a serious accident in Richmond, contact an attorney for assistance with your case.

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