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Car Accidents

Who Is Liable for a Car Accident Caused by Bad Road Conditions?

Not all roads in Richmond are suitable for traffic. Many contain bad road conditions, such as cracked asphalt and uneven surfaces, that increase the odds of car accidents. If a dangerous road condition caused your car accident in Virginia, you may still have grounds for an insurance claim – even without a second driver available…. read more

Who Pays Medical Bills In Virginia Car Accidents?

If you’ve ever been in an accident, you know that sometimes it can be a little unclear who pays the bills in an accident. Here, we’ll explore the options. Sorting out who pays for medical bills depends on who caused the accident, and the coverage limits of insurance. Health insurance policies play an important role… read more

What Evidence Should I Gather After a Car Accident?

It can be tricky to navigate a car accident insurance claim and recover fair compensation for your losses. Insurance companies are experts at making a profit by denying valid claims and reducing settlement awards. The more information and evidence you gather after a car accident in Virginia, the stronger your claim will be. The evidence… read more

Who Is Liable for an Accident With a Self-Driving Car?

A higher number of self-driving or autonomous cars are now on the roads as the technology becomes more affordable for consumers. Unfortunately, these vehicles are not always safe. Problems with the technology, software glitches and negligent operators can lead to deadly auto accidents. Liability for an accident with a self-driving can be more complicated than… read more

What’s The Difference Between A Chiropractor And An Orthopedic Doctor

After you’ve sustained an injury to your neck or back in a car accident, it is crucial to take the correct steps to have your injury assessed, diagnosed, and treated. Our clients often look to us for direction when deciding what type of medical attention can best serve them after an accident. There are a… read more

My Uber Driver Was in an Accident…Now What?

Uber drivers do not receive any special training prior to being able to pick up passengers and drive them to their destinations. They do not give interviews to Uber supervisors, prove their safe-driving abilities, pass any driving tests or get commercial driver’s licenses. In addition, Uber only looks into the applicant’s last seven years in… read more

Do icy conditions excuse the defendant from crashing into me?

By Nikita Wolf, Trial Attorney with the Pendleton Law Team As winter approaches and the snow begins to arrive to the area, some clients want to know: does the fact that there was snow or ice on the road excuse someone from hitting me?  The answer?  NO!  Though each case has its own unique set… read more

Why should I use my own health insurance if I’m in a car accident that isn’t my fault?

A question that I am commonly asked by my clients is: Why should I use my own health insurance if I’m in a car accident that isn’t my fault?! Shouldn’t the defendant have to pay for that?! The short answer is…. yes, the defendant should have to pay for the cost of your medical treatment but… read more

Who Is at Fault for an Accident Caused by Weather?

Fault, or liability, for a car accident, comes down to negligence. The driver who is guilty of the act of negligence or carelessness that caused your crash will be financially responsible for damages. When bad weather causes a car accident, you might not know how to file. After all, you cannot file a lawsuit against… read more

What To Expect From a Liability Investigation

Insurance companies are charged with determining fault in any accident where a claim is submitted. Because the insurance company is contractually obligated to cover claims based upon who is at fault in a legal sense, those companies follow the basic formula that a court would follow in determining who is at fault, and whether the… read more