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Car Accidents

Signs of Mental Trauma After an Accident

Post-traumatic stress disorder in auto accident survivors is becoming increasingly prevalent in the U.S. If you’ve been injured in a car wreck, you’ll want to keep an eye out for signs of PTSD and mental trauma after an accident. Anxious feelings, nightmares, and sleep issues are just a few of the symptoms you might experience… read more

What Are the Signs of PTSD After a Car Accident?

If you’ve been in a car accident, you might be experiencing feelings of shock, anxiety, anger and even disbelief about what happened. It’s normal to feel overloaded with emotion in the wake of a serious accident, but if negative feelings persist and intensify over time, you might be dealing with a deeper psychological issue. Knowing… read more

Can I Sue for Emotional Distress After a Car Accident?

Physical injuries from a car accident may heal over time, but the emotional scars can follow you around for weeks, months, and even years. In some cases, the mental impact of a car accident can be more damaging than any bruise, scrape, or broken bone. If you’re experiencing anxiety or depression in the wake of… read more

How Long Do You Have to Report an Accident?

Deadlines only make the aftermath of your car accident more stressful. If you ever want to file an insurance claim or take your losses to court, though, you’ll need to keep legal deadlines in mind. A Virginia car accident attorney can help you manage these responsibilities. An attorney will contact the appropriate parties on your… read more

Should I Call My Insurance Company After a Minor Accident?

Even minor car accidents can leave you and your family shaken. At first glance, these accidents may not seem as expensive to contend with as larger collisions. As such, you may be reluctant to reach out to your insurer. After all, if you can brush the incident under the rug, your rates will stay the… read more

How Often do Auto Accident Settlements Exceed the Policy Limits?

Virginia law requires its drivers to purchase a certain amount of liability insurance. This coverage, known as minimum liability coverage, provides you with the baseline protection you need to pay for roadway damage. Another driver’s minimum liability coverage subsequently helps you with your losses if you get into an accident. That said, severe accidents may… read more

When to Get an Attorney for a Car Accident

If you’ve been in a minor car accident, it may feel like overkill to reach out to an attorney. However, Virginia’s contributory negligence law can make working with an attorney a lucrative decision. No matter how severe or simple your car accident may seem, our team can help you jump through the hoops of an… read more

Who Is Liable for a Car Accident Caused by Bad Road Conditions?

Not all roads in Richmond are suitable for traffic. Many contain bad road conditions, such as cracked asphalt and uneven surfaces, that increase the odds of car accidents. If a dangerous road condition caused your car accident in Virginia, you may still have grounds for an insurance claim – even without a second driver available…. read more

Who Pays Medical Bills In Virginia Car Accidents?

In Virginia, an insurance company only needs to pay for medical bills from liability coverage when a driver is at fault. The at-fault driver with insurance will have at least $25,000 available to use towards bodily injury claims, which include medical bills. If the driver is uninsured or if their coverage only pays for a… read more

What Restrictions Come With a Suspended License?

If you live in any of Virginia’s bustling cities, you know how essential a car is to your day-to-day life. Virginia’s roads are only as effective as its drivers, though. That’s why Virginia encourages drivers to abide by the state’s roadway laws. When drivers look out for one another, everyone on the road can stay… read more