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6 Questions to Ask Your Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

You can learn about the top six questions to ask your motorcycle accident lawyer in Richmond to prepare for a meeting with an attorney. Asking the right questions can help you feel confident as you file a legal claim for maximum compensation. 

The professionals recommend that you ask about the lawyer’s experience, the cost of hiring a law firm, and the potential compensation available for your claim. You can learn more about these questions today.

#1: Do You Have Experience with Motorcycle Accident Cases?

One of the first questions to ask your motorcycle accident lawyer should address the firm’s experience. Generally, you want to work with a firm that understands Virginia’s laws on motorcycle accident cases. 

You may want to ask several questions regarding a lawyer’s experience, like:

  • Which law school did you attend, and when did you graduate?
  • How long have you practiced personal injury law?
  • How many motorcycle accident victims have you represented?
  • How many motorcycle accident claims have you settled?
  • How many motorcycle accident lawsuits have you taken to trial?
  • Do you belong to any bar associations or professional organizations?

The answers to these questions can help you determine if you should hire a specific law firm to represent you after a motorcycle accident collision. 

Find Out if a Lawyer Will Personally Handle Your Case

You can ask the law firm who will handle your case and if a senior partner will personally handle the claim. Take time to ask if a paralegal or junior partner will handle parts of your legal case. 

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#2: Do You Think I Have a Valid Claim for Compensation?

You can ask your attorney if they believe you can successfully secure compensation after a motorcycle accident in Richmond. For example, you may ask: do you think I’ll need to file a lawsuit to secure compensation, or can I settle out of court?

A lawyer may base the answer to this question on the facts about your case and evidence that could show that someone else caused your motorcycle accident through an act of negligence. For example, a lawyer may provide information about your eligibility for compensation if:

  • A motorist opened a door into your path of travel 
  • A motorist struck you from behind after ignoring a red light
  • A motorist changed lanes into your motorcycle 

Ensure that you bring information about your accident when you ask this question. Your lawyer can provide information about Virginia’s motorcycle laws

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#3: What Kind of Compensation Do You Think I Will Receive?

You can learn about the potential compensation you could receive after a motorcycle collision from your lawyer. Depending on your circumstances, you may get compensation to cover your:

  • Current and future medical expenses 
  • Motorcycle repair costs 
  • Lost wages and diminished earning potential 
  • Pain and emotional suffering
  • Loss of consortium

A lawyer can provide information on the potential economic and non-economic compensation you could receive. It’s essential that you ask about the available damages so you know what to expect from the outcome of your case. 

Find Out How Much Compensation You Could Expect to Receive

A lawyer may provide you with an estimate of the final compensation you could receive from the at-fault party following a collision. Your lawyer may need to review your medical records, repair bills, and other documents to calculate this information. 

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#4: How Long Do You Think My Motorcycle Accident Claim Will Take?

One of the six questions to ask your motorcycle accident lawyer should involve the expected time frame for your claim. Generally, lawyers expect settlement negotiations to take a minimum of six months after a collision. 

Your lawyer may expect a motorcycle accident lawsuit to take longer to resolve. Going through the court system could take a year or more

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#5: What Will You Charge to Handle My Motorcycle Accident Case?

Your lawyer can provide information about the costs of hiring a motorcycle accident law firm. 

Generally, personal injury attorneys handle motorcycle accident claims on a contingency fee basis, meaning that you have to pay the firm a percentage of your final compensation after the resolution of your case. 

You should also question your lawyer about what costs and fees you’re responsible for covering. Your attorney should provide you with clear and straightforward answers about all costs for legal services. 

#6: What Should I Do to Strengthen My Motorcycle Accident Claim?

You can ask your lawyer how to strengthen your claim for compensation to increase your chances of getting fair damages. An attorney may advise you to take pictures of the accident scene, get prompt medical care, and report the crash to the police. 

Your lawyer can also help you avoid common mistakes that could negatively impact your claim. For example, attorneys often advise against providing a recorded statement to the at-fault party’s insurance company. 

Consider this one of the six questions to ask your motorcycle accident lawyer. Focus on 10 ways you can increase the value of your personal injury case.

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