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What Doesn’t Change Because of the COVID-19 Outbreak

written by Brett West, Trial Attorney with the Pendleton Law Team

Since the beginning of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, clients have asked us how will this affect my case? Whether the accident just happened, clients are still treating, medical records are being gathered, or the case is being negotiated, people have a right to know as much as they can about their claim. The attorneys and paralegals of the Pendleton Law Team are available to answer your questions and assist with novel solutions to challenges brought on by COVID-19.

We will serve as a sounding board and resource for treatment.

Perhaps your physical therapy office closed down for the foreseeable future; if so we’ll help find alternative providers to maintain your treatment safely. In some cases, treatment may need to be delayed or wrapped up early in order to best protect your health and financial interests. You can rest assured your attorney will help you make the best decision for your future.

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We will secure your medical records and bills as quickly as possible under the circumstances.

When your medical treatment is complete, we’ll order your medical bills and records. This can be difficult with medical offices closed, partially closed, or working remotely from where patient files are kept. The Pendleton Law Team will work to minimize the delay in retrieving your medical records and bills.

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We will promptly create compelling demand packages.

Insurance adjusters also find themselves out of the office, working from home, and sometimes away from needed equipment and resources. We will work with them to get to an offer, then get the case resolved or filed.

What do all these have scenarios have in common? Christina Pendleton & Associates working for you. No matter the challenge, we’ll make sure your case is planned, pursued, and executed to your benefit. If you were injured due to the negligence of others, trust our work for you, we will get the job done.

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