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Learn More From One of Our Free Books About Richmond Personal Injury Settlements

Our own in-house best-selling author has put together free books to help you know what to do to help your personal injury case in Richmond be as successful as possible. Read these after any accident or injury to learn more.

Protect and Defend Your Family’s Wealth

Protect and Defend: Proven Strategies from America’s Leading Attorneys to help you Protect and Defend Your Business, Family and Wealth, features strategies from some of America’s leading legal minds to help businesses and families navigate the often cumbersome nature of the today’s legal system.

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How David Slew Goliath

Before you speak to the claims adjuster and before you sign any paperwork, take a moment to read the new book “How David Slew Goliath”. It could change your future. Have you considered what happens if you do not get full and fair compensation for your injuries? How will you pay for your future medical bills and future lost wages?

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