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How David Slew Goliath


Before you speak to the claims adjuster and before you sign any paperwork, take a moment to read the new book “How David Slew Goliath”. It could change your future. Have you considered what happens if you do not get full and fair compensation for your injuries? How will you pay for your future medical bills and future lost wages?

For the first time, the Pendleton Law Team, The Heavy Hitters, is allowing injured victims to “peak behind the curtain” of the big insurance industry that you are up against. And who would know better to give you an insider’s view than an insurance industry veteran who settled thousands of cases on behalf of one of the largest auto insurance carriers in the country? Don’t fall into the trap of accident victims that get stuck paying their own medical bills. Take the time to learn how to get a full recovery in your case. Request your free copy today.