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Dump trucks in Richmond play an important role in keeping the community clean. Their large size, visibility limitations, and tight schedules, however, can make them dangerous vehicles – especially on neighborhood roads. Dump truck drivers and other sanitation services employees may suffer serious injuries while working with trucks, and other drivers and pedestrians may also sustain injuries in dump truck accidents.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a dump truck accident in Central Virginia, a Richmond dump truck accident lawyer is here to help. Contact Pendleton Law for a free consultation about your case. Our Richmond personal injury lawyers have represented more than 30,000 personal injury clients and are leaders in our field. Our founder, attorney Christina Pendleton, has won the “Super Lawyer Rising Star” designation – an achievement less than 2.5% of lawyers in the country earn. Our Richmond truck accident lawyers have what you need for outstanding dump truck accident case representation.

Why Do Dump Truck Accidents Happen in Virginia?

Like all vehicle-related accidents and injuries, human error is the main factor behind Virginia dump truck accidents. The negligence and carelessness of dump truck drivers and others on the road can cause a preventable collision. It is up to dump truck operators and other city sanitation department employees to carry out their jobs with as much care for the community as possible. This includes operating trucks safely, carefully, and in compliance with accepted standards and roadway rules. Dump truck crashes can happen because of:

Defining what caused your dump truck accident is the first step toward determining the defendant and seeking restitution for your injuries and other damages. Identifying the cause of your crash can point toward a party or parties responsible. Victims then have the opportunity to file insurance and/or personal injury claims against the responsible party. Our Richmond truck accident attorneys can help you with all of these steps on the road to financial recovery.

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Who Is Liable?

Liability, or legal responsibility, for a dump truck accident determines who will pay for victims’ damages. Virginia is a “no-fault” insurance state, meaning that all parties involved in a vehicle collision will file claims with their own insurance companies, regardless of who was at fault. When it comes time to file a personal injury claim, however, it is necessary to prove the defendant’s negligence to win a settlement or jury verdict. Liable parties for a dump truck accident may include:

  • Dump truck owner
  • Dump truck operator
  • Company or agency in charge of sanitation services
  • The City of Richmond
  • Roadway maintenance crew
  • Product manufacturer
  • Third-party driver

In many cases, the company that oversees the operation of the dump truck that caused the crash will be liable for damages. Companies are vicariously liable for the actions of their on-duty drivers and other employees, as well as responsible for the roadworthiness of their fleet vehicles. More than one party could be jointly responsible for an accident as well. A conversation with an experienced Richmond dump truck accident lawyer can help clear up questions about damage liability.

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Why Hire a Richmond Dump Truck Accident Attorney at Pendleton Law?

How you handle yourself and your claim in the aftermath of a serious dump truck accident can make a difference in the overall outcome of your case. Partnering with a trusted, reliable, and results-driven law firm in Richmond can help you stand up against negligent dump truck drivers, companies, and other parties in pursuit of the compensation you deserve.

Pendleton Law is proud to be a reputable injury firm in the local community. Let a Richmond dump truck accident lawyer at our firm help you handle dump truck accident insurance claims and/or personal injury lawsuits. Contact us today.

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